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RPC ARchvision Collection for 3D
rpc | 3D models | 15.6 GB

RPC ARchvision collection for 3D.

It contains the following:

1- auto coupe sport
2- auto economy midsize
3-auto sadan
4- auto truck
5- environment
6-fall trees
10-office clutter
11- people (applauding)
12-people business Asian
13- people business
14- people casual golf
15-people casual hispanic
16- people casual
17-people college
18-people disabled
19-people education
20-people formal
21-people holiday
22-people industrial
23-people medical staff
24-people middle eastern
25-people parks and rec
26- people resorts
27-people seated business
28-people seated Casual
29-people shopping
30-people travel asian
31- people travel
32-plants arid
33-plants general
34-plantscape climbers
35- plantscape shrubs
36- plantscape evergreen shrubs
37-plantscape grass
38-plantscape ground cover
39-plantscape herbaceous
40-plantscape rose
41- sample pack
42- shrubs and grasses
43-shrubs general
44-street clutter
45-trees asian
46-trees European
47-trees general
48- trees night
49-trees tropical
50-trees young
51-walking casual
52-walking travel
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