Skillshare – Photoshop Manipulation and Editing Masterclass

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Duration 3h 16m MP4


Title: Skillshare – Photoshop Manipulation and Editing Masterclass

The Photoshop Manipulation and Editing Masterclass Contains projects that help you master both editing techniques and conquer simple and complex photo manipulation projects.
This class will teach you non-destructive editing which allows you to edit or change a photo without disturbing the original photo, giving you more control over changes down the road.

The first section will show you Photoshop’s amazing editing tools including the content aware tools, where things seem to disappear like magic.

We will review how we can even change the season of a photo quickly by using selective color.

We will use the spot healing brush tool to retouch with ease and brighten up dull photos with dodge and burn.

We will change hair and clothing color by painting with blending modes and even learn how to paint on gold makeup for dramatic effects and lighting.

The second section of this class will focus on photo manipulation projects that vary from easy to complex.

The first project will start to review the many ways to isolate and select our images to be placed in new environments and also learning how to edit glass to adapt to it’s new background. We will also change white wine into red!

The next project we will turn a simple bottle of olive oil into a beautiful fish bowl. We will learn how to select and cut objects with fine details and how to paint on water with realistic effects.

We will do a head swap project next. I detail the process of how to swap heads using a combination of tools like the liquify tool and the clone tools.

Our next project will focus on painting make-up and producing dynamic lighting effects to create a character worth remembering.

Lastly, we will use all of the tools we covered in the class to conquer a complex photo manipulation with 6 photos that will look like one magical world when we are done.

This class is perfect for aspiring graphic designers, those who already practice graphic design and want to improve there editing and photoshop skills or for those who want to create digital art with Photoshop to show of their creative talents.

Skillshare – Photoshop Compositing With Style

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Duration 53m Project Files Included MP4


Title: Skillshare – Photoshop Compositing With Style

Have you ever wondered how to cut out images and paste them into other scenes

In this class we’ll work through building our Cathedral Trees Landscape together step by step. We’ll take 4 stock images and composite them into an imaginary landscape from a far and distant land.

This course is targeted for novice and intermediate Photoshop students.

By the end of this course you’ll learn how to:

Download project files and import your images.
View all images in one work-space with a 6 up view.
Start building your composition fast with an easy drag and drop method.

You’ll also learn quick tips for layer masking and color editing. All of the working files are available for download inside of the class projects tab.

You can also follow along with your own images and ideas. Final project is to upload your spectacular scene to share with the class.

Gumroad – Foundation Patreon – Creating Level Variations

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Duration 1h 10m Project Files Included MP4


Title: Gumroad – Foundation Patreon – Creating Level Variations

Tutorial on creating level design variations!

Udemy – Complete GML GameMaker Developer 2D: Learn To Make Games In GameMaker Studio 2

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Duration 9h MP4


Title: Udemy – Complete GML GameMaker Developer 2D: Learn To Make Games In GameMaker Studio 2

At the end of this course, you will know how to both code and make games in GameMaker Studio 2!

We will be going over the absolute basics of GameMaker Studio 2 and the absolute basics of GML (the programming language for GameMaker Studio 2).

Anyone can take this course, whether you’re an absolute beginner that has never touched a programming language, or a person who has made some small projects in GameMaker Studio 2, but, still has much more to learn.

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering

The Absolute Basics Of GameMaker Studio 2

The Absolute Basics Of GML

Making A Calculator

Making A Platformer

Making A Space Shooter

The course will help you create three demos from scratch, a calculator, a platformer, and space shooter.


GameMaker isn’t just for making games, you can build software from it too!

Learn to create buttons you can hover over, and, build a useful application where you will learn to work with basic arithmetic in programming.


In the platformer, we will make a player that can jump, move left and right, from scratch. You will learn to use the room editor and tile-maps to produce levels for your game.

Next, we will make an enemy that will walk towards the player, the enemy can jump over walls and gaps.

Blender Plugin True-Terrain 2.79-2.8

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Title: Blender Plugin True-Terrain 2.79-2.8

What is True-Terrain?

True-Terrain is an ‘All-in-one’ product. A product with a series of Custom Shaders, models and particle systems, that will allow you to create a fully believable, and photo-realistic environment using just blenders own internal tool-set.

True-Terrain has been created with realism in mind, and ALL of the materials in True-Terrain, generate and render, based on realistic values, which have been carefully put together, to mimic that of the real world. This means that, when you add dust to your terrain, or snow, or generate a water level based wet-map, they will all generate procedurally, and naturally based on that of the true world values.

The best; cheapest, and currently only product that offers powerful, dynamic ‘Auto-mapping’ terrain shaders.

True-Terrains, shader groups, have been carefully created, so that you can tweak every possible value, and be able to snap new groups into the current node tree, without the need to add all sorts of different mix nodes. If you want to add dust, to the crooks and crevices of your terrains, then the base terrain shader already has this option added in. If you want to add a top layer of heavy snow, then all you need to do, is drop one of the two powerful ‘snow mask’ tools, into the node tree just before the shader output node, let blender automatically snap into the pass-through and add your top-layer of snow.

Once you apply the True-Terrain material to your mesh, you will discover a world (pun intended) of possible terrain environments you can create.

You need to add some grass, flowers, trees or rocks to your scene?

Append one of the particle systems from the appropriate .blend into your scene, and there you have it. All the Particle systems, are set up, and ready to render. All you will need to do, is scale the hair particles in the particle settings, to suit your style, and Render!