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Verner Font

Verner Font

Verner Font

Verner, the script brother of Verna, is a versatile contemporary script font. Verner has a set of automatic ligatures, swash characters and a selection of ornaments and a couple of alternate characters that you can easily access in any Opentype savvy program. Ornaments are placed in Stylistic set 1 but you’ll also find them from the glyph panel.
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Technical Signature – Modern Pixel Type Font Family

Technical Signature - Modern Pixel Type Font Family

Technical Signature – Modern Pixel Type Font Family $80

13 OTF Font Files | Designers: Andre Themoteo Alves Correa

The Font ‘Technical Signature’ is a modern pixel type family inspired by Antigue roman Scripts and Ornaments, with the intention to bring a manuscript look to a technical digital surface . It’s kind a simbiotical typography version with the font family Technical Scripture as the both got the same metrics sizes and also almost half of glyphs in commom, at most same suplementary characters and a few repeated shapes… That is the case of The uppercase letters (D,O,W,M,N) and the lowercase (o,s,z) and the numerals (1,7,8 and 0) such as the currency simbols, math operators and other features like the same greek and cyrillic base letters too. The diferent font weights of the family can be combined in layer work as also there is a dynamic and easy ‘Mix’ sub-family styles with the maximum possible combinations in the complete package. The Complete Family consists of 5 basic font weight styles: Light, Regular, Inverse, Bold, Outline and 7 ‘Mix’ styles: Inline, Contour, Stamp, Stamp Reverse, Texture, In Texture and Label… Plus one free Background font! Total of 13 font styles in each family. If you are interest in both Technical Scripture and Technical Signature, you can use both together! They are compatible in metrics… These Fonts supports Western Latin, Eastern European Latin languages diatrics, plus Baltic, Turkish, Greek and Cyrilic.