CreativeMarket – Impressionist Masters Color Blends 1118202

CreativeMarket – Impressionist Masters Color Blends 1118202

This particular collection includes the 175 PreFAB colors, carefully sampled and meticulously created from ACTUAL paintings by Impressionist Masters! I spent weeks researching famous impressionist painters and works. THEN, I painstakingly created color blends by pulling individual colors from small areas of their famous works to create color blends! You are LITERALLY painting with the same colors as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas!!

The MASTERS Pre-FAB Color Blend Collection contains:
175 Pre-FAB Color Blends
I’ve spent MONTHS creating and fine-tuning these pre-blended color mixes, so that you can just pick a palette and start playing and painting in gorgeous blended colors. No MIXING required!
Video Tutorial
There’s really no learning curve to use these brushes. You simply load them up, along with the patterns and start PLAYING. However, there is an exclusive tutorial for those who might not be familiar with loading brushes and patterns.
Reference Charts:
Handy labeled and organized JPEG charts with all of the color blends
Combine Color Blends and Brushes from the different collections for Unlimited Possibilities!
I have created additional ‘Add-On’ collections, with different color mixes and pattern brushes! They ALL WORK TOGETHER beautifully!
CS6+. I also highly recommend using these brushes with a graphics tablet such as a Wacom for maximum versatility. If you use a mouse, they will work just fine, but you won’t be able to get the thick to thin strokes on some of the brushes.

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P A S S W O R D : GFXTRAcomEEEImpressionist

CG Masters – Character Creation Volume 3.5: Cycles Convert

Post Cover

CG Masters – Character Creation Volume 3.5: Cycles Convert

Duration 2h 29m Project Files Included MP4

In this condensed training DVD, Greg Zaal (taking the reins from Lee Salvemini’s finished Ninja character in Volume 3) shows you everything you need to know to create your own realistic and physically accurate Cycles materials.

Not only will you learn how to use the Cycles render engine, you’ll also learn the core principles of physically based shading. Using the ninja character as an example, we’ll go through all the various kinds of surfaces and study how and why they look the way they do, and then replicate that using node-based materials.

Cycles can often seem slower than traditional renderers, due to the fact that it’s a brute-force path tracer (meaning that instead of trying to fake or approximate light, it calculates it exactly as it behaves in reality), giving us the best possible image quality by default. For this reason, we’ll also cover several ways to optimize our scene and speed up the render without losing image quality.

This DVD is aimed at Blender users who have previous experience with the old Blender Render engine and would like to begin their adventures with the modern path tracer, Cycles. But if you’re new to materials and textures in general, don’t worry, all the basics are explained thoroughly.

Instructor: Greg Zaal
Video Info: 2hr 29min, 1920 x 1018 resolution, webm format.
Software Used: Blender 2.7x (Cycles)
Skill Level: Intermediate

DVD Features

Blend files included for every stage of the process, including most demonstrations

High resolution videos recorded at 100 DPI

Clean and simple web interface for watching the videos

A comprehensive help and info page including links to further reading.

Translates methods used for Blender Render to Cycles

Setting up reliable HDR lighting

Discover the possibilities of node-based materials

Conductive (metallic) vs. non-conductive materials

Optimizing thin glass and the cornea

Setting up reusable node groups

Destructive and non-destuctive render optimization

Using the Node Wrangler add-on

The difference between the glossy distribution functions and where you should use them

DVD Chapters

0. Introduction
1. Building a Basic Material
2. Texturing Overview
3.1. Lighting Setup
3.2. Fresnel
3.3. Subsurface Scattering
3.4. Metals
3.5. Clothing
4.1. Sai
4.2. Goggles
4.3. Eyes
4.4. Hair
5. Node Groups
6. Render Optimization

Audio Masters Emotive Chillstep WAV AiFF

Audio Masters Emotive Chillstep WAV AiFF


Audio Masters Emotive Chillstep WAV AiFF APPLE LOOPS | 2.29 Gb
‘Emotive Chillstep’ by Audio Masters is a chilled out collection of blissful synths & plucks, lush pads and melodies. Ready to add some mellow magic into your tracks, this product delivers an immense sounds collection as well as a professional feature set for the most demanding producers.

Sound Design and Production: This product was designed and recorded using some of the most sought-after Analogue equipment on the market.

For example synthesizers such as Moog Voyager, Modal Electronics 02, Access Virus TI, Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 and more have been used to design this extensive collection of sounds.

Additionally, all loops have been equalised and recorded at lower levels to ensure enough headroom for any mix.

Dry Construction Kits & Processed/Tail Versions: Included are dry versions of each Construction Kit, featuring the instrumentation without any reverb, delay, compression or panning/stereo imaging.

The dry versions provide the flexibility for you when you want to apply an effect processing of your choice.

Also included are the processed versions of these Kits which features the effect/tail processing as heard in the audio demo.

Synth Loops: Synth loops containing the key, BPM and Construction Kit in their names are also included.

These loops come unprocessed and are ready to drop into any type of music production.

Drum Loops: This product also comes with 20 top quality drum kits, all labelled for ease of use.

These drum kits were recorded using top analogue drum machines and feature fat analogue kicks, punchy snares, powerful percussion and hats, all stripped into parts.

Pack Details:
* 5 Extended Audio Construction Kits
* Dry and Processed/Tail Versions
* 260 Construction Kit Files in Total
* 101 Synth Loops
* 20 Drum Construction Kits
* 20 Full Drum Loops
* 20 Kick Loops
* 20 Snare Loops
* 20 Hat Loops
* 80 Percussion Loops
* 160 Drum Loops in Total
* 100% Royalty-Free
* 24-Bit/44.1kHz
* Compatible with all DAWs