GraphicRiver – Engrave Photoshop Actions-Kit

 GraphicRiver - Engrave Photoshop Actions-Kit



GraphicRiver – Engrave Photoshop Actions-Kit
Layered PSD, Photoshop ATN | 23 MB

3 PSD SMART : Curve-lines / Horizontal-lines / Sloping line

3 Actions Set : Action black / Action color fill / Action color lines


Please watch video to see how it works:



1/ Open 1 of the 3 *PSD files: This file contains touches of engraving, or Curve-lines, Horizontal-lines, Sloping line Note: Do not change the layer names and their order.

2/ Open your image, copy & paste image on background (under the Smart Object)

3/ Load Actions ANT to the Photoshop action panel: Click to Window >> Actions >> Load Actions >> Actions.atn

4/ Adjust size and position of the image: You can also change the file size without losing touches quality

5/ Selected layer is your image copy new and Run an actions: Do not change, just click OK



– When the “curves” dialog appears, simply click OK and continue with the script.

– Can choose 1 of 7 scenario

– Do not click Cancel, this will stop the script.

– The line curved objects, lift lines, roads and tilt can be adjusted with Adobe IIlustrator


Engrave Photoshop Actions-Kit: That is a tool to easily turn a photo into stylized engraving / One click actions and you only need to make a click. it will automatically do for you