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Artbeats Cyber Journeys CD3


Artbeats Cyber Journeys CD3
English | Size: 633 MB
Category: Tutorial

Fly over virtual cities and glowing motherboards. Slip through time warps and hidden portals. You’ll be taken on a ride that careens up, down, around and through cyber worlds filled with colorful geometric shapes and intricate details in this collection of 33 clips.


Artbeats – Nature: Microbes

Artbeats - Nature: Microbes

Artbeats – Nature: Microbes
Head to the science lab and take a seat at the microscope, through which you’ll
see these common microbes as you never saw them in class! Amoebae, blood cells, chloroplasts,
hydra, paramecia, and other microscopic microorganisms wiggle and squirm with fascinating
movement in closeup views sure to make you wash your hands. Collection contains 37 clips.

Artbeats – Effects: Mayhem (PAL)

Artbeats - Effects: Mayhem (PAL)

Artbeats – Effects: Mayhem (PAL) 
Open a veritable Pandora’s box with this collection featuring everything that could go wrong! Smoke, dust, feathers and leaves fill the air or are blown by the wind, panes of glass and wineglasses are shattered by various means, and surfaces are spattered by paint or smeared with egg. And if that’s too tame, there are numerous explosions to round out the Murphy’s Law scenario you’re looking for

Artbeats – Animals – Birds (NTSC)

Artbeats - Animals - Birds (NTSC)

Artbeats – Animals – Birds (NTSC)
Category : Animals
File format : MOV
Number of clips : 21
Video Format : NTSC (720×486)
Frame rate : 30
Average length : 16:10
Birds. The collection is not complete. There are clips from BR101 to BR122, inclusive, except the BR113

Artbeats – Nature: Suns and Moons (NTSC)

Artbeats – Nature: Suns and Moons (NTSC)
NTCS 720х486 29,97fps | Progressive | QuickTime (mov) | 825 MB


From the fiery red of the setting sun to the brilliant glow of high noon, see the spectacular sun in its many stages. Then watch as night approaches, bringing with it the eerie darkness of a cloudy night or the vivid orange of a desert moon. This collection is truly a brilliant display of the different phases of the sun and moon. Collection contains 26 clips.