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50 stunningly beautiful vintage floral botanical graphics are the perfect accent for many design projects. These graphics were sourced from antique books from the early 1800’s. Each is provided to you in .png format with a transparent background at 300 dpi, and 1500-3000 pixels at the tallest or widest point. Excellent for packaging, web, t-shirt, jewelry, invitation, art and card design. The files are named according to the type of flower it is, so they are searchable.

Amethystine Ixia, Anemone-Flowered Camellia, Ayrshire Rose, Blue-Flowered Thunbergia, Brown-Flowered Iris, Caucasean Scabious, Chandler’s Camellia, Chinese Eatable Peony, Chinese Trumpet Flower, Cinnamon-Leaved Melastoma, Claramond Tulip, Copper-Flowered Mullein, Crimson-Flowered Dahlia, Crimson-Tipped Gardenia, Digitate-Leaved Nuttalia, Dotted-Leaved Rhododendron, Double Purple Dahlia, Downy Peony, Evening Primrose, Fiddle-Leaved Bindweed, Forked Iris, Fragrant Pinnated Rudbeckia, Glossy-Leaved Pittosporum, Great Flowered Lavatera, Great Flowered Solandra, Herbaceous Periwinkle, Horneman’s Iris, Knight’s Warratah Camellia, Large Flowered Petunia, Large Flowered Water Lily, Laurel Leaved Magnolia, Lily Flowered Magnolia, Macartny’s Rose, Military Hibiscus, Missouri Sunflower, Mountain Tree Peony, Myrtle-Leaved Camellia, Oval Leaved Gardenia, Palmer’s Double Sasanqua, Poisonous-Rooted Iris, Purple Spring Crocus, Round-Leaved Gardenia, Savanna Flower, Siberian Peony, Single-Flowered Moutan, Sweet-Scented Oenothera, Sweet-Scented Pothos, Tuscan Jasmine, Velvet Flowered Ixia, Yellow Water Iris



Amazing Antique Artifacts Bundle – 805022

Amazing Antique Artifacts Bundle - Objects14822801482281148228214822831482284

Amazing Antique Artifacts Bundle – 805022
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