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Origami 1.0.2 – Plugin for After Effects (Win)

Origami 1.0.2 - Plugin for After Effects (Win)

Origami 1.0.2 – Plugin for After Effects (Win) | 6 MB
Origami is the procedural mesh generation and animation tool for After Effects. Create stunning effects like unfold and organic growth in a few clicks!

Origami creates mesh from After Effects layers and animates it automatically in various ways.

The mesh can be generated from virtually anything: Shape Layer path / Layer Mask / Layer borders.


Use mesh fragments any way you want. But the real magic of Origami is within its powerful animation engine.

Animation is easy – select starting fragments, choose animation properties and click this fat ANIMATE button.


Control animation with custom effect and keyframes
It’s easy to add bounce and smooth motion to animation with a couple of keyframes.


Home Page – http://aescripts.com/origami/




Logo design in vector set from stock #102 - 25 Eps


Creative colored abstract logo, logotype and emblem design for business company, nature, organic, pictogram, scalable, shape, sign, splash, swirl, technology, trendy, branding, symbol, colorful, communication, ecological, ecology, floral, glossy, graphic, web icon, idea, identity, innovation, insignia, loop, marketing, mascot, modern in vector set from stock
25 Eps | + Jpeg Preview | 47 Mb



YiThemes - YITH Remy 1.0.2 - A Simple And Tasty Food And Restaurant WordPress Theme





YiThemes – YITH Remy 1.0.2 – A Simple And Tasty Food And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Light and tasty: these two words seem to be best describing Remy. A combination of two features that are not mutually exclusive, but that give that special touch you were looking for to your site. A theme that, however, does not only limit to a simple and present-day graphic design, cared in every detail, but that does not miss the excellence of all most required technical features (Visual Composer and Ultimate, Slider Revolution, touch-friendly design, sticky header and much more) and that can suit any e-commerce or blog site you want to create! Fascinating with its scents of colourful simplicity and genuineness.


Topaz Glow 1.0.2 + Portable

Topaz Glow 1.0.2 + PortableTopaz Glow – a standalone program as well as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, it creates a magical glowing luminescent effect that makes your job a sense of movement and energy flow. It is designed to create dynamic images with vibrant neon sparks of light. The effects can be fully customized, from the background of subtle improvements to the electrification of the fractal and neon.

Often, the images are hidden textures that are not visible to the naked eye. Topaz Glow illuminates these hidden contours. Result is surreal and magical, almost like the picture on your image.

• 72 preset manual work will explore the possibilities Topaz Glow with a single click.
• You can create your own effects, but the built-in presets let you work well with a wide variety of images.
• You can add a little glow on photorealistic images to thin out the subject.
• Check each part of your effect.
• Start with a dozen built-in presets.
• Complete your personal masterpiece can be millions of ways to effect settings.
• Glow is also connected to a plug-in to a photo editor.
• Use the latest technology to achieve the best results.
• Topaz Glow uses the latest image processing algorithms and hardware acceleration technology to give you excellent results.
• Create a variety of unique effects – Glow adds a new type of photoelectric effect on your edit toolbar, which probably can not be created.
• Adjust the glow type, brightness, color, distribution and more.
• Use a variety of options for mixing. Turn your image in the top of the digital art. Your results are only limited by your imagination.
• Full control of all emission attributes, you can also use the opacity + blending options that will give you full control over all of your power results.
• Glow adds its own flavor, which allows it to allocate more.

Topaz Glow 1.0.2 + Portable
Topaz Glow 1.0.2 + Portable
Topaz Glow 1.0.2 + Portable
Topaz Glow 1.0.2 + Portable
Topaz Glow 1.0.2 + Portable
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
Language: English
Treatment: cured
Topaz Glow 1.0.2 Portable – 70 Mb
Topaz Glow 1.0.2 – 64 Mb
Topaz Glow 1.0.2 RePack by D!akov – 60 Mb