Sleepzzz Purr Outfit and Accessories

Sleepzzz Purr Outfit and Accessories




Sleepzzz Purr Outfit and Accessories
Daz/Poser | 3D Models | 310.41 MB

Sleepzzz Purr is an outfit with an innocent touch of gorgeous femininity, fresh and special. Make your characters look fun or sexy, but always sublime. A must have!



This set includes 8 full material presets for the Babydoll, Cat Plush, and Bloomers, and 5 for the Jewelry. You also have options to hide the straps or the bow in the Babydoll, and in the cat plush you can hide the paws, the collar, the bow, or the ribbons. Partial material presets are also included for the Cat’s eyes and bow, and for the Jewelry, including some extras like blue, pink, or purple Cat jewels.

The Earrings have dials to be moved in all directions, adjust to earlobe shapes, and even change their size making the ornament smaller or bigger. The Necklace can be adjusted, posed, swung to left and right, and to the front to simulate movement and gravity. The Babydoll also has movement morphs and lots of adjustment morphs, even a morph to make it longer, so you can use the Babydoll alone if you wish.

There are 10 poses included, with matching poses for the Cat Plush and the Babydoll. Just apply the matching poses to Genesis 2 Female, the Cat Plush and the Babydoll, and get a natural and fun look. Using the Babydoll and Bloomers adjustment and sitting morphs, you can also adjust them to sitting poses.

The Babydoll, Bloomers and Necklace fit the most popular Genesis 2 Females (Keiko 6, Belle 6, Mei Lin 6, Lilith 6, Aiko 6, Gia 6, The Girl 6, Olympia 6, Stephanie 6, Teen Josie 6, Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female, Victoria 6, Giselle 6). Also includes adjustment morphs for use in Poser or DAZ Studio if needed, and all applicable Genesis 2 Female Evolution Morphs have been added. The Earrings are adjustable by hand using the transform dials and the hook morphs, and are props parented to the head.

All the set works both in DAZ Studio and Poser (with DSON Importer for Poser).

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Sleepzzz Purr Outfit and Accessories

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