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CreativeMarket – Watercolor brushes collection 2873645

CreativeMarket – Watercolor brushes collection 2873645

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Enermous collection of handpainted brushes for Adobe Photoshop (+ PNG files to use in any software) is so handy for every designer or creativepreneur! Handpainted look is very popular now. You can use these brushes for posters, web design, invitations, greeting cards, business cards, wall prints, gift wraps etc. Possibilities are endless!

What’s inside the pack:

  • 203 brushes in .ABR file and in PNG files (separate and on transparent background)
  • Link to instruction on how to use the brushes

Brushes are high resolution (600 dpi) and suitable for printing.




CM – Textured Calligraphy Brushes 2641694

CM – Textured Calligraphy Brushes 2641694

A set of 10 textured brushes for procreate designed for calligraphers and letterers! Each brush has custom made textures and brush shapes which help you to create beautiful and unique work.


• 5 Filtered Texture Brushes (Smooth Texture)

• 5 Unfiltered Texture Brushes (Grainy Texture)

• Basic Upper and Lower Case Practice Sheets



• Ipad Pro

• Apple Pencil

• Procreate App



• Extract the downloaded .zip file.

• Put all the unzipped brush files onto your Google Drive, iCloud, ect.

• On your iPad you can then navigate to which ever drive you chose.

• In Google Drive you press the a brush file, then press Open In, then choose Procreate.

• In iCloud you press a brush file, press Share, then press Open In, then choose Procreate.


Helpful Tips!

• The brushes are designed to be used around the 15% brush size, however if you experiment with other sizes you could end up with different, unique textures.

• Using 2 similar brushes together could give an interesting look to your calligraphy.

• Mess around with other techniques such as using these brushes for smudging, colouring or even illustrating.



Shirk Photography – Water Couture for Photoshop + Tutorials

Shirk Photography – Water Couture for Photoshop + Tutorials
PSD | ABR | JPEGS | Tutorial 

We’ve spent months creating the most useful, the most versatile, and the most unique water brush set available anywhere.   Now you too can have the most realistic, easy to use WATER BRUSHES available!  The creative possibilities of these brushes are completely addicting.  Ben’s uses these on every athlete he can think of – from track stars to basketball players, weight lifters to dancers, and everything in between.   Organized and labeled in four distinct categories:

  • 14 Body Splash Effects Brushes – Large splashes moving in multiple directions. Great for layering around bodies.
  • 17 Ground Effects Brushes – Everything from small drips to large ground splashes and even surface ripples. Perfect for the ground near a jumping, running, or moving athlete.
  • 11 Water Drops Effects Brushes – Use these as a finishing layer around and on top of your subject. Includes three different rain brushes.
  • 26 Water Effect Splashes –  These can go anywhere and everywhere. Use to convey motion and movement, stack, warp and play!
  • BONUS!  65 Water Overlays/Textures
  • BONUS!  Reflection Action
  • BONUS!  12 Custom Color Toning Styles – Unique Photoshop styles to help you quickly add color to your water projects.  These styles help make the highlights and unique color fluctuations that are very difficult to create just by stamping a solid color.
  • BONUS!  20 Minute Tutorial with tips, tricks & suggestions on how to use the Water Effects Brushes and styles!




CM – Watercolor Splatter Brushes Graffiti 2385753


Watercolor Splatter Brushes Graffiti
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Give your design a grungey, edgy, rustic, graffiti, street and rock n roll feel by using this brush set. There is no need to turn your hand dirty. All of the brush set has been cleaned and prepared for you perfectly. Most of the brush’s size are 2500 pixels each. These Photoshop Brush set are high quality and has a high resolutions (300 dpi). Therefore, these brushes are very suitable for both web and print projects.
Each brush’s illustration was originally hand drawn and hand painted by me with using inks, watercolor paints, dried brush and lots of papers. Then it was scanned and digitalised in Adobe Photoshop. You can use these brushes in your flyer’s design, blogs, scrapbooking, web background, poster design, t-shirt design elements, merchandise design, cd inlay background, business cards and many more! The possibility are endless!


CM – Mix Box brushes for Procreate 2430845


Mix Box brushes for Procreate
Mix 7 different techniques with this set of brushes! Includes 1 brush of each of my sets. For an incredible result.
The pack includes: 7 brushes
  • Line Brush from Watercolor brush
  • Black Forest From Color Pencil Box
  • Ink Brush from Essential Painting Box
  • Hard Dot from Dots Everywhere
  • Small Mess From Messy Sketch
  • Space Brush from Texture set
  • Tv Noise from Noisy brushes