Lynda Rendering Interiors in 3ds Max with Adam Crespi

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Lynda Rendering Interiors in 3ds Max with Adam Crespi
Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280×720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | 682 MB
Genre: Video training

Learn how to replicate three unique lighting setups in interior scenes, starting with direct daylight, with 3ds Max. Adam Crespi shows how to create and apply materials such as paint sheens, metallic finishes, glass, and wood—textures you would find in any home. Then he shows how to create a daylight system, adding in photographic exposure to see light like you would through a camera. Then learn how to use interior lights and sky portals to light dusk and night shots. Finally, Adam shows how to add post effects and composite the rendering in After Effects and Nuke.

Topics include:

Creating and applying materials with luster and shine
Creating a daylight system
Casting light from interior lighting fixtures
Lighting with sky portals
Creating an ambient occlusion rendering pass
Fine-tuning Final Gather and lighting
Compositing in Nuke and After Effects
Adding depth of field, highlights, and glow

Lynda Cloth Simulation in 3ds Max

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Lynda Cloth Simulation in 3ds Max
Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280×720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | 1.6 GB
Genre: Video training

The Cloth system in 3ds Max allows you to create realistic garments and fabrics from T-shirts to tablecloths. This course from author Joel Bradley provides a deep dive into cloth simulation in 3ds Max giving you the information you need to tackle your own project. Joel examines the effect of scale on cloth behavior the impact different mesh subdivision types can make on your model and the function and options behind the Cloth modifier the heart of the Cloth system. He also shows how to set up and control behaviors like bend and curve U and V Stretch Density Thickness and Friction. Plus discover how to work with groups and constraints and create effects like wet cloth and tearable cloth.

This course was created and produced by Joel Bradley. We are honored to host this content in our library.
Topics include:
Comparing mesh subdivisions
Adding the Cloth modifier
Adjusting options like panels seams and faces
Setting up and controlling cloth behaviors
Working with constraints like Preserve Surface and Sticky Cloth
Applying forces to cloth
Controlling cloth quality

Max Cookie Modern chair creation

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Max Cookie Modern chair creation
Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280×720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | 527 MB
Genre: Video training

Welcome to this CG Cookie tutorial series talking about a complete project about modern design chair rendering. In this series we’ll work on a complete project. Out main purpose is to obtain a realistic rendering of a modern desing chair and to do it we’ll start since modeling the chair using poly modeling discovering tips and simple way to do it. Then we’ll work at UVs solving some issue with default UVW modifiers and other stuff will be done in the UV Editor. We’ll take a look at some texturing too and then the model and the studio environment will be shaded with Mental ray Arch&Design materials trying to obtain a nice looking quality. Lighting will be done with simple setup and HDRI reflection/illumination. Rendering will be split in some layers to be rendered and tuned in Eyeon Fusion compositing software.

Digital Tutors Creating an Optimized Architectural Visualization in 3ds Max and V-Ray

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Digital Tutors Creating an Optimized Architectural Visualization in 3ds Max and V-Ray
Duration 5h 48m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280×720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | 2.71 GB
Genre: Video training

In this series of tutorials we will learn how to model a complex architectural scene and optimize it for quick editing and rendering.Throughout these lessons we will go through the steps of creating a complex architectural scene in a way that makes it quick to create, easy to edit and fast to render. We will learn about the various modeling techniques essential to architectural workflows, including terrain, cities, polygon modeling, splines and nurms smoothing, as well as optimization techniques such as using

proxies and XRef scenes.
By the end you will be able to handle any scale ofarchitectural project and easily complete them within very short deadlines.

01. Introduction and project overview 01:13
02. Site texturing 10:09
03. Creating the site reflection texture 11:08
04. Importing images into AutoCAD 07:06
05. Drafting contours and buildings in AutoCAD 09:08
06. Importing AutoCAD files to 3ds Max 07:16
07. Terrain creation 12:10
08. Terrain mesh division and site textures 09:02
09. Greeble city creation 04:57
10. Extracting textures for the facade of the city 08:17
11. Texturing the city model 07:03
12. Preparing Architectural AutoCAD plans 08:03
13. Importing AutoCAD plans into 3ds Max 07:32
14. Updating linked plans 04:32
15. Modeling organic outlines using splines 13:18
16. Extruding splines 07:04
17. Modeling the tower facades 11:06
18. Modeling slabs and balustrades 11:07
19. Creating more slabs, balustrades, and columns 08:48
20. Modeling columns and lift cores 04:19
21. Organic modeling of the stadium support 11:37
22. Modeling the stadium seating 10:53
23. Editing the seating model 08:07
24. Editing the tower and seating connection 06:00
25. Organic modeling of the stadium shell 10:48
26. Editing the top roof slab 10:37
27. Modifying floor slabs and adding stadium details 12:21
28. Editing ground terrain for grass and plants 11:05
29. Creating proxy and billboard plants 09:07
30. Scattering plants and importing proxies into the model 10:49
31. Modeling pavilions using nurms 09:54
32. Texturing the glass facade 10:59
33. Texturing the building interiors 11:19
34. Texturing the balustrades 08:26
35. Summing up the texturing 09:19
36. Render settings for draft views 13:06
37. Getting the final image 11:47
38. Photoshop workflow and conclusion 09:27

Viscorbel Vray Interior Lighting

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Viscorbel Vray Interior Lighting
Tutorial | max | hdri | 3D Scenes | 2.92 GB

In this premium tutorial (3+ hours) you will learn various techniques for interior lighting with Vray