Indigo Renderer Standalone 3.8.9 Win32-64



Indigo Renderer is an unbiased, physically based and photo-realistic renderer which simulates the physics of light to achieve near-perfect image realism. With an advanced physical camera model, a super-realistic materials system and the ability to simulate complex lighting situations through Metropolis Light Transport, Indigo Renderer is capable of producing the highest levels of realism demanded by architectural and product visualization.


Photoshop Actions Mega Bundle

Here are a bunch of actions, textures and overlays including Florabella, Chasing Light, Greater Than Gatsby, MCP, PTM and much more.

Udemy – 3ds Max Furniture Masterclass


I do architectural visualization using 3ds Max, so I work on making furniture every day. It is often one of the most challenging parts of my job. In this course, I want to teach you all the various techniques and workflows that I use. You will not only learn how to model furniture, but you will also be educated in the art of poly modeling, and creating high-detail assets in general. This is a valuable skill to have in 3d as it often gives your images that extra realism that it needs to become truly “photo real”.

*As an added bonus, if you know how to make models like these, you can actually sell them to other people online. There is a huge market for them. The course covers the info you need to do that as well, but most importantly it is about being a great modeler.

*Many lectures and new techniques are continually being added. This course is intended to be a true masterclass for furniture modeling, so there are many different techniques and workflows to discuss. As the curriculum is built upon, the price will go up, so get in early.

Rohan Dalvi – Gears of Houdini (Parts 1-2)

This training is primarily aimed at beginners. Its main purpose is to create fully parametric custom gear and then convert them to Digital Assets.
In the second part of the training we look at how to animate the Gear and also create custom materials for it and finally light and render the Gears.
Promo video on Vimeo: