Classic Fire Place & Radiator

Classic Fire Place & Radiator

Classic Fire Place & Radiator

max | 3D models | 549 MB

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Contain :


Fireplace corner Dimplex Exter.

Electric fireplace, door vetrina.

Fireplace with grate.

Classic Hearth.

Cast-iron fireplace.

Classic barbecue.

Grid for batteries.

Fireplace Suite Florence.

Decorative screen for radiator.

Art Deco fireplace.

Wooden screen for radiator.

Nightstand classic 05.


DAZ Dragon 3 Pro Bundle

DAZ Dragon 3 Pro Bundle



DAZ Dragon 3 Pro Bundle
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 396 MB

DAZ 3D is pleased to introduce the DAZ Dragon 3. Built on the same technology as Genesis 2 this new dragon is the ultimate in figure technology. As versatile as the Genesis 2 line of figures, the DAZ Dragon 3 allows you to combine shapes and characters to get that unique look you’ve been searching for.



The DAZ Dragon 3 uses DAZ 3D’s proprietary Tri-Ax™ weight mapping system so you get better bends, better looking joints and better poses. Forget everything you thought you knew a dragon could do, the DAZ Dragon 3 pushes the limits of what you thought was possible.

Pick up the DAZ Dragon 3 today and start rendering.

This Bundle Includes:

DAZ Dragon 3
Cinematic Poses for DAZ Dragon 3
DAZ Dragon 3 Fantasy Poses
Dragon Trainer’s Toolbox
DAZ Dragon 3 Morphs
Ridged Plate Armor for DAZ Dragon 3
War Armor for the DAZ Dragon 3
Strap Saddle for DAZ Dragon 3
Armored Chain Saddle for DAZ Dragon 3

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