Entire Shop Bundle 148 Fonts 124328

Entire Shop Bundle 148 Fonts 124328

Entire Shop Bundle 148 Fonts 124328

★★★ 148 FONTS FOR $39! 48 HOURS ONLY ★★★

LAST CHANCE: Our Mega Bundle (148 fonts) is coming to an end! Don’t miss your chance to grab $1,500 worth of fonts for just $39. Set yourself up for the year, go on… treat yourself!

This bundle includes every single font we’ve released to date on Creative Market. That’s a grand total of 148 fonts, which have a combined retail price of $1,565. Pick up the Mega Bundle today to get your hands on every single font in our collection for only $39!

This bundle includes the following 148 products;


Nanami Rounded: bit.ly/1vhpHNs
Nanami: bit.ly/11OFyHm
Nanami Handmade: bit.ly/1ybwvsY
Athan: bit.ly/11OFwzc
BAQ Rounded: bit.ly/1zM0Xfh
Do It Again: bit.ly/1AbQ3Al
Hiruko Stencil: bit.ly/1FL7niF
Electro: bit.ly/1rSyRAz
Mr Chalk: bit.ly/1rSyUwd
York Handwriting: bit.ly/1zdUVE8
Vow Neue: bit.ly/1ybCv59
Yume: bit.ly/1zdUMRp
Letro: bit.ly/1vFZ3xF
Patisserie: bit.ly/1B9y0y1
Hiruko Pro: bit.ly/1HVb0on
Rustick: bit.ly/1CBNY5G
Hiroko: bit.ly/1vFX8sP
Primiterus: bit.ly/1FL5RNt
Mr Chalk: bit.ly/1rUeL35
Miyagi: bit.ly/1vcmObw
Yoko: bit.ly/1CBNfBo
Headlined: bit.ly/1w0Hw5g
Gongo: bit.ly/1yc7Ut0
Rika: bit.ly/1zLWOIe
Shine Pro: bit.ly/1CBMHeW
Squoosh: bit.ly/1B9vc43
Stripes: bit.ly/1FL4Yon
Headlined Solid: bit.ly/12kMj3w
Odyssea 632: bit.ly/12ms06R
Soto: bit.ly/1rSyRjX
Saki: bit.ly/1vhoGoy
Monolite: bit.ly/1zdVu0I
Roxi: bit.ly/1HVbTx4
Yuko: bit.ly/1vhog1n
Yumo: bit.ly/1yc7WRB
Sobek: bit.ly/1rUlDxy
Voodoo: bit.ly/1pNqULu
Toshiko: bit.ly/1yc4Ehn
Yuki: bit.ly/1vcnfCK
Toggle: bit.ly/1FJM13g


Nanami Rounded: bit.ly/1rSyS7j
Electro: bit.ly/1B9xIXR
Hiruko Stencil: bit.ly/1vFXyzB
Sobek: bit.ly/1yHJFBH
Athan: bit.ly/1rSySED
Gongo: bit.ly/1yc4eaD
Letro: bit.ly/1FJMnXF
Odyssea 632: bit.ly/1zdRbCM
Soto: bit.ly/1AbLC8H
BAQ Rounded: bit.ly/12mrAgP
Headlined: bit.ly/1rSyINm
Miyagi: bit.ly/1HVcf6S
Patisserie: bit.ly/1tIjeFR
Nanami: bit.ly/1w0GlTs
Do It Again: bit.ly/1tIgSGY
Headlined: bit.ly/1rUm8rd
Monolite: bit.ly/1pNqDbl
Saki: bit.ly/12mmyRl
Mr Chalk: bit.ly/1vLIAXy





Lettersmith • Letterpress Design Kit 225083

Lettersmith • Letterpress Design Kit 225083

Lettersmith • Letterpress Design Kit 225083
Photoshop PSD, ASL, VECTOR EPS AI, OTF, TTF | 413 Mb


It’s no secret that I love all things hand-lettered, but recently, I also can’t get enough of letterpress printing! And with all the gorgeous script fonts in the marketplace, I wanted to create a fun typeface to compliment them. But of course, I couldn’t stop with just a font. Nope, I went ahead and hand-sketched over 300 vector elements, added 10 cotton paper textures, and designed 50 Letterpress Styles, so that you can make anything and everything you want.

Use the font and graphics to design logos, letterhead, apparel, greeting cards, wedding materials, coffee mugs, stamps and more! And when you want to add a little letterpress style to your work, just install the .asl file and have fun ‘pressing’ your work. 🙂


The Lettersmith Typeface & Alternates (OTF & TTF files)
Over 300 Hand Drawn Vector Elements (AI, EPS & PSD files)
10 Cotton Paper Textures (3600 x 3600 px)
50 Letterpress Photoshop Styles (including 10 Watercolor Styles & 10 Hot Foils)
User Guide (PDF)




Axion Font Family

Axion Font Family


4 x TTF and OTF
Axion is an original design by Alex Kaczun. It is a display font not intended for text use. It was designed specifically for display headlines, logotype, branding and similar applications. The entire font has an original look which is strong, dynamic, machine generated and can be widely used in publications and advertising.
Axion is a futuristic, techno-looking and dynamic typeface with elements of machined-like parts containing sharp and rounded edges. This attractive display comes in roman with lower case and lining figures. The font is also available with true-drawn slant italics. Other design style variations include small capitals with old style figures.
The large Pro font character set supports most Central European and many Eastern European languages.