Fog Effect Photoshop Action
Photoshop ATN | 5 MB

How To Make Fog With Photoshop?
— If you wonder how to add mist and fog effect to photos, here are some quick solutions.
— First you have to prepare the photo. Decrease the saturation, lower the contrast and maybe add a blur to create a foggy effect.
— You can add a white Color Fill adjustment with 5% opacity level.

To create fog effect in Photoshop you can try these methods:

— Fog Photoshop brushes – pick a white or light gray color and simply add fog using fog Photoshop brushes.
— Fog Overlay 1 2 – add the fog overlay over your photo and set the blend mode to Screen.
— Clouds Filter – create the fog texture overlay using the Clouds Photoshop filter. Use black and white for the foreground and background colors.
— Fog Photoshop Action – use this action to create the fog and mist effect

How To Use The Fog Effect Photoshop Action?

— To use the fog Photoshop action you have to follow these steps:
— Load the ATN file in Photoshop.
— Play the “Fog Photoshop Action”
— Customize the fog effect using the Brush Tool

— This action creates fog&mist, but you can also use it to make smoke effect and even fluffy clouds.
— Use the Layer Mask and a soft round brush to customize the result.