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Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional 10.4.1 MP1 (Win/Mac)

Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional 10.4.1 MP1 (Win/Mac)

Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional 10.4.1 MP1 (Win/Mac)| Windows x86/x64 | macOS 10.9.5 or later | Multilingual |  124.69 MB | 39.12 MB

Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional is a comprehensive suite of encryption applications which provides flexible, multi-layered encryption by bundling Drive Encryption to secure the files stored on local hard drives, and Desktop Email Encryption to secure confidential data in email.

Key Features
– Hard drive encryption software locks down the entire contents of a laptop, desktop, external drive, or USB flash drive, including boot sectors, system, and swap files.
– Enables encrypted email and secure AIM® Instant Messages.
– Creates storage-independent encrypted containers for transport and sharing of specific files using included utilities; PGP Self-Decrypting Archive, PGP Virtual Disk, and PGP Zip.
– Includes PGP Shredder which can completely destroy unwanted disk-based files and folders.
– Drive Encryption can be centrally deployed and managed by Symantec Encryption Management Server.

Key Benefits
– Secures email without burdening users, to improve compliance with policies and regulations without hindering productivity.
– Allows users to easily and transparently share encrypted files and folders, improving data security without impacting user productivity.
– Management by Encryption Management Server centralizes creation, deployment and management of data security policies and reporting.

New Features:

Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10
This release supports the installation of Symantec Encryption Desktop on systems running Microsoft Windows 10, both 32- and 64-bit versions.

User Interface for Microsoft Windows Pre-Installation Recovery
Microsoft Windows Pre-Installation (WinPE) provides a bootable recovery tool to recover data from an encrypted drive that has been damaged or corrupted. You can now boot to a system that has been damaged or corrupted using a WinPE recovery CD or USB drive and then use the new graphical user interface to recover an encrypted drive.

New Pre-Boot Smart Card Compatibility
Added compatibility with Gemalto TOP DM GX4 72k (FIPS) cards for pre-boot authentication for Symantec Encryption Desktop for Windows.

What’s New in Version 10.4.1:
Building on Symantec’s proven technology, Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.4.1 for Windows includes numerous improvements and the following new features.

  • Compatibility added for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Compatibility added for Web Email Protection
– Web Email Protection now runs on the Google Chrome web browser.

Compatibility added for Citrix XenApp 7.9 with Symantec Encryption
– This release adds supports for the Symantec Encryption Desktop feature in the Citirix XenApp 7.9 environment.

Resolved issues
The following issues have been resolved in this release of Symantec Encryption Desktop for Windows.

Symantec Encryption Desktop can no longer be downgraded without first uninstalling the currently installed version. [3956590]
Added support for the Symantec Desktop Email feature in the Citrix XenApp
7.9 environment.

Drive Encryption
After upgrading Symantec Encryption Management Server to version 3.4.1, Symantec Encryption Desktop clients no longer fail to synchronize with the server if the user name of the currently active account includes characters with accent marks. [3994451]
The installation of Symantec Drive Encryption on systems running Windows
10 no longer produces multiple blue screen errors. [4015109]
Microsoft Windows systems with the fast startup option enabled now no longer loads the incorrect Windows user profile when you disable Single Sign On using the Symantec Encryption Desktop registry settings. [3955953]
Microsoft Windows no longer fails to load after pre-boot authentication on the following systems that use NVMe drives: [3973034, 3986046, 3976777, 3975779, 4003007, 4003009, 4003014, 3994855]
HP ZBook 15 G3
Dell Precision 5510
Dell Precision 7710
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 4th Gen
Dell Latitude 7275

Symantec File Share Encryption
Now there is no data corruption towards the end of a .txt file that is copied from a local folder to a Server Message Block (SMB) folder, which is encrypted using Symantec File Share Encryption. [3890152]
Users can now click Folder Status and see the status of current File Share folders successfully. Also, Symantec Encryption Desktop does not crash when users click Folder Status.

Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional 10.4.1 MP1 (Win):


Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional 10.4.1 MP1 (Mac):


Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 6.20.22 Multilingual

Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 6.20.22 Multilingual

Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 6.20.22 Multilingual | 26.8 MB

Hotspot Shield VPN from Anchor is the worlds most trusted internet security solution. With over 75 million downloads, Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows secures more Windows machines than any other competitor VPNs. Hotspot Shield free VPN for Windows secures your web browsing session, protects your online identity from snoopers, encrypts passwords, online shopping information, chats, and downloads.

Custom Internet Security
Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows is a custom internet security application designed and developed specifically for the users of Windows operating system. The bespoke solution works seamlessly on:
– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 10

Hotspot Shield free VPN for Windows offers protection against malware, phishing and spam sites. It secures the IP address assigned to you by your ISP and assigns you a new US IP address. This makes tracking or monitoring your online activities next to impossible.

Unblock Websites
Corporate offices, schools, colleges and universities are some of the places that would not let you access Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, game sites and Twitter. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows allows you to access all such sites without any restrictions. With Hotspot Shield, you can bypass internet filters that restrict access to Facebook or other sites at work or school, giving you uncensored access to what you want.

Surf Anonymously
Online privacy and security are two of the biggest concerns of the current times. Other than snoopers and hackers tracking your online activities, ISPs also keep the log files pertaining to all user activity. It is like living in a glass house where you are always exposed to vulnerabilities. Hotspot Shield free VPN for Windows protects your IP address, concealing your location from not only snoopers but also from your own ISP. You are able to browse the internet as an anonymous user in complete privacy. Hackers have no chance to track you back to your computer with Hotspot Shield.

Public Wi-Fi Protection
Public hotspots are the places where most of the online attacks take place. Unaware and unprotected people end up losing their online identity, passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and airports. Public Wi-Fi hotspots have unsecured and unprotected network connections.Thismakes it easier for the snoopers to intercept your data on that particular network. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows supports encrypted network traffic which secures your online shopping data, passwords, instant messages and more from snoopers. This ensures that neither snoopers nor your ISPs are able to monitor, track or intercept your web activity.

Release Notes


AutoDesk AutoCAD Architecture 2018 Win x64

Post Cover


Title: AutoDesk AutoCAD Architecture 2018 Win x64

AutoDesk AutoCAD Architecture 2018 Win x64

Architectural renovation
Design and produce renovations more quickly.

Walls, doors, and windows
Create documents and drawings using elements with real-world behavior and construction.

Design and documentation
Create with detail components and keynoting tools.

Room documentation
Use the Roombook feature to apply multiple finishes to a surface.

Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Update KB2919355 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Note: AutoCAD Architecture 2018 is not supported on the 32-bit version of Windows 10








Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum 5.7.17 Build 20170220 Multilingual

Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum 5.7.17 Build 20170220 Multilingual

File Size: 77.5 MB

Featured as iPhone manager, Xilisoft iPhone Magic integrates with all solutions to transfer, backup and manage music/movies/photos/books between iPhone and computer. It enables you to backup all multimedia files in iPhone to computer or iTunes, move files from computer to iPhone, convert DVD movie, common video and audio files with no requirement for installing any other decrypter or decoder software, download exciting online videos from top online videos websites, extract audios to make personalized iPhone ringtones from audio/video files and etc.

Fully support all iPhone/iPod/iPod touch models and connect to multiple devices simultaneously to accomplish file transferring mutually is enabled as well. This powerful and easy iPhone solution provider contributes to convert/transfer video to iPhone, music to iPhone, online videos to iPhone, photos and books in PDF and EPUB formats to iPhone and DVD to iPhone for users to enjoy movies and music in multiple formats on iPhone with ease.

– Backup and manage music, movies, photos, books, SMS
– Backup, transfer, restore and manage your contacts information
– Convert all media files even DVDs to iPhone supported formats
– Download and convert online videos for playable on iPhone
– Make customized iPhone ringtones and transfer to iPhone
– Connect multiple devices simultaneously to share contents in between
– Fully support all iPhone/iPod, latest iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, iPod nano 7, iOS 6.1 and iTunes 10.7

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


Broadgun pdfMachine Ultimate 14.98

Broadgun pdfMachine Ultimate 14.98

File Size: 12 MB

pdfMachine converts a print stream from an application directly into a PDF. Once you have installed the pdf writer, open your document that you want to convert, then click “print”, select the “Broadgun pdfMachine printer” and that’s it – you have a PDF!

PDF documents generated by pdfMachine, when printed or viewed, maintain the integrity of all formatting in the original document. PDF files preserve documents formats independent of software, hardware, or operating system used to generate the original file. They can be opened, read and printed by many free PDF readers available on the web, and viewed on operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Unix variants.

PDF format is the best document format for long-term digital archival. Often software becomes obsolete, rendering some documents unreadable by current technology. Widely published formats, such as PDF, are more future proof that proprietary formats such as MS Word. In 50 years time, even if PDF’s are not used anymore, all you need is the PDF specification and you can have a viewer developed to read your documents.

PDF has the ability to store text in a searchable form.

PDF files can be viewed within Netscape and Internet Explorer. These files can then be saved for off-line use or printed. This makes for easy use within an intranet or website.

Colour and Size:
PDF files enable sharp, colour-precise printing on most printers with precise onscreen colour match regardless of monitor brand. Users can magnify documents up to 800% without the loss of clarity in text or graphics. PDF files can be optimized and are often smaller than conventional document formats.

– Print to create PDF
– PDF Editing and mark-up
– Scanning Support
– Use OCR to convert scanned PDFs into searchable text
– Open any PDF
– Comment PDF
– Multilingual font support
– Mail Integration
– Small File Sizes
– Voice annotations
– Text annotations
– PDF Stationery
– Text and image watermarks
– Security Encryption
– Active URLs
– Hyperlinks
– N-Up Printing
– MS Office Integration
– MS IE Integration
– Network Installations
– Bookmark Editing
– pdfMachine merge
– Word Mail Merge
– Digital Signatures
– Parameter parsing
– Custom toolbar
– Terminal Server
– Set Next Action
– Set Document properties
– Multiple Print Profiles / Multiple Printers
– Windows XP/Vista x64 drivers
– File embedding/attaching