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CryEngine As A Service 3.8.1

CryEngine As A Service 3.8.1CryEngine As A Service 3.8.1

CRYENGINE 3.8.1 is here and it is packed with features that we know many of you have been extremely eager to get your hands on for quite some time. A culmination of all the work we’ve been doing since the CRYENGINE 3.7.0 release, this is one of our biggest releases yet.

You’ll find the top level features highlighted below, including our brand new OpenGL renderer which we use on Linux and Android platforms. We’ve added support for Oculus VR which has been a joint effort between the CRYENGINE team and the VR team working on our newly announced Robinson: The Journey game, and you can expect much more to come in this area over the next few releases! We’ve got Voxel-based rendering updates including Volumetric Fog with support for point lights, shadows, probes and more. GameZero is our brand new, stripped down, lean & mean GameCode sample package which makes creating a game on CRYENGINE much cleaner and simpler without all of the additional Crysis-related game code which you may not need for your title.
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Red Giant Trapcode Suite 12.1.8

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 12.1.8Red Giant Trapcode Suite 12.1.8

Trapcode Suite 12 sets the industry bar with 10 tools for broadcast-ready effects and flexible 3D content. Its flagship product is Particular 2, a speedy 3D particle system with options for custom particles, particle shading and movement in 3D space. Form 2 merges particle generation with imported OBJ models, the all-new Mir creates a fast-rendering polygon mesh, and Shine generates volumetric light rays. Use Trapcode Suite to create high quality text titles, animated backgrounds and logo treatments with fast rendering and an affordable price tag.


SolidWorks 2015 SP4 Full Multilanguage Integrated x64

SolidWorks 2015 SP4 Full Multilanguage Integrated x64SolidWorks 2015 SP4 Full Multilanguage Integrated x64

SOLIDWORKS solutions cover all aspects of your product development process with a seamless, integrated workflow—design, verification, sustainable design, communication and data management. Designers and engineers can span multiple disciplines with ease, shortening the design cycle, increasing productivity and delivering innovative products to market faster.

Service Pack 2.0

SOLIDWORKS MBD is available in Service Pack 2.0. For more information on SOLIDWORKS MBD, see the SOLIDWORKS Web site.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Documentation

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical documentation is now available in all languages including English, Czech, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.


SOLIDWORKS Composer supports batch output of vector images. Also, when creating views, you can define a template for view names.


Direct integration between ScanTo3D and NextEngine scanning software (ScanStudio) is discontinued. The NextEngine Scan menu option is removed from Tools > ScanTo3D. The NextEngine file types nzip, nxm, and scn are removed. NextEngine scanner users can generate scan files in other scan file formats and import them into SOLIDWORKS.



Autodesk Maya LT 2016 SP1 Win64/Mac

Autodesk Maya LT 2016 SP1 Win64/MacAutodesk Maya LT 2016 SP1 Win64

Maya delivers on so many levels. From the small changes that make your everyday workflow smoother, to the new and exciting tools that will introduce you to a new way of working. Maya helps make dealing with complexity, simple. One of the most powerful workstations that lets you create breathtaking environments, animations and effects with photo-realistic rendering.

Red Giant Universe v1.5 CE

Red Giant Universe v1.5 CERed Giant Universe v1.5 CE

Red Giant Universe – An expanding library of tools for filmmakers & motion designers that gives access to fast and powerful tools for editing, filmmaking, visual effects and motion design. Every tool in the Universe library of effects and transitions is GPU-accelerated, and works across multiple host applications including: After Effects and Premiere Pro. The Universe library of tools is continuously growing – new effects and transitions are added regularly, and existing tools are updated often, based on user feedback.