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MacFamilyTree 8.1.3 (Mac OS X)


MacFamilyTree 8.1.3 | MacOSX | 201.8 MB

MacFamilyTree 8.1 comes with the brand new CloudTree feature – it is now possible for the first time to work on the same family tree with any number of users and in real time. All changes to your tree will be transferred and available to all other users invited by you within a few seconds. CloudTree operates in compliance with the highest privacy standards and relies on Apples iCloud infrastructure.

CloudTree Sync
CloudTree syncs only changes. Sounds like a no-brainer to you? Well, it isnt. The old iCloud sync always needed to transfer your complete family tree file. If you change just one persons birthday, the whole file had to be uploaded and download again. With CloudTree Sync, only that single event has to be synchronized. This means faster sync than ever while consuming just very little bandwidth. Even sync via cellular network is no longer an issue.

CloudTree Share
Invite other iCloud users to work with them on the same family tree. All changes are synched within seconds and are available on all other devices. Just have a look at the change log if you want to know which entries changed and who contributed to your tree. Theres also a read-only mode if you like to show your tree to family members but dont want them to edit anything.

Other improvements:
– Support for Touch Bar added, several contextual functions are directly accessible from the small display above the keyboard on the recently introduced MacBook Pro
– Improved place selection and management
– Better Web Site export performance
– Improved configuration of the Kinship report
– Timeline chart can now be filtered using Smart Filters
– Place list can now be sorted by state, county and country
– Many new Smart Filter options added

Fixes for Version 8.1.1:
– Problem displaying the Map Report fixed
– Rare crash issue fixed during syncing with CloudTree
– Touch Bar updating issue fixed

Fixes for Version 8.1.2:
– Rare issue fixed where CloudTree does not sync a specific entry type
– Fixed FamilySearch Reject all Matches button
– New LDS Temples added

Fixes for Version 8.1.3:
– Plausibility Check is now handling LDS events correctly
– Hourglass Chart in the Person Report can now be configured correctly
– Issues migrating databases from previous versions fixed
– Right-click in the Interactive Tree works reliably now
– Interactive Tree background colors fixed

Requirements: MacFamilyTree 8 requires Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher.





AKVIS HDRFactory 5.5.812.14260 Multilangual (Mac OS X)


AKVIS HDRFactory 5.5.812.14260 Multilangual | MacOSX | 133.6 MB

AKVIS HDRFactory is a versatile program for creating HDR images and making photo correction. High Dynamic Range Imaging is a technique used to produce an image with high dynamic range. The software makes HDR photos by combining several images of the same object taken with different exposure values. The result is an expressive contrasting image that reflects reality with a higher level of authenticity than a simple snapshot.

By comparison, the human eye discerns many more nuances of color and brightness than any modern camera could record. The HDR technology endeavours to bridge the gap between reality as we see it and its photographic reflection.

The name of the program can be taken literally, as HDRFactory is a real workshop for the production of fascinating HDR images.

With the software you can come very close to reality and even go beyond it by creating stylized images with fabulous colors and unique effects.

AKVIS HDRFactory can also imitate the HDR effect on a single image, by creating a so-called pseudo-HDR.

This technique is useful if you dont have a series of images with different exposures. Just load a single image into AKVIS HDRFactory and admire the effect which goes beyond photo realism and opens the door into the fascinating world of HDR!

The program can also be used for photo correction. You can adjust color saturation and brightness, and bring out the detail in dark and bright areas.

AKVIS HDRFactory brings life and color to your photos!
Its fast and easy to make an ideal High Dynamic Range photo in the program: combine images into one HDR image, and if necessary, apply additional correction and effects.

The program offers a number of the ready to use AKVIS presets. You can also create your own presets by saving frequently used settings. This feature optimizes your work and saves you time.

Whats New in Version 5.5
AKVIS HDRFactory is your workshop for creating amazing HDR images and performing photo correction. Version 5.5 offers the full compatibility with Photoshop CC 2017, provides a modernized user interface with support for Ultra HD resolution, fixes some bugs, and brings other improvements. Break the boundaries of reality!

Compatibility with Photoshop CC 2017
– The plugin version is fully compatible with Photoshop CC 2017. It automatically appears in the Filter menu after installing the program.
– Support for 4k & 5k

The user interface has been redesigned to provide advanced scalability and usability tweaks. It now supports Ultra HD resolution making the software ideal for 4k and 5k displays.
Also in the new version:
– new crop options;
– added the possibility to choose a drive to install the program,
– added support for more RAW files;
– bug fixes.

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.710.12 (Sierra) – 32-bit, 64-bit


Best Paid Android Applications January 2017 (Week2)


Best Paid Android Applications January 2017 (Week2) | Android | 1.2 GB

This is Best Paid Android Applications Last Update January 2017.

Applications List:
-AlarmMon v6.6.1.apk
-Amber Weather – Local Forecast v3.3.8 [Unlocked].apk To-do list, Task List v3.4.28.5 [Premium].apk
-App Ops – Permission manager v0.1.33 [Unlocked].apk
-Apps2SD PRO All in One Tool v11.5 [Patched].apk
-Aptoide Dev v8.1.1.20170109.apk
-Aqua Mail – email app v1.8.0-120-dev [Pro] LIC.apk
-Aqua Mail – email app v1.8.0-120-dev [Pro].apk
-AudioTagger Pro – Tag Music v6.3.2 [Paid].apk
-Automatic Tag Editor v1.6.93 [Premium].apk
-AZ Screen Recorder – No Root Premium v4.6 [Proper Unlocked].apk
-Brockhaus WAHRIG Wrterbcher v5.4.138.600 [Unlocked].apk
-BubbleUPnP for DLNA Chromecast v2.8.5 [Patched].apk
-Business Card Reader – CRM Pro v1.1.56.apk
-Call Recorder for Android[PRO] v4.9.apk
-Car dashdroid-Car infotainment v2.8.24 [Premium].apk
-Chrooma Keyboard – Emoji v4.0 build 20169 [Pro].apk
-ClearFocus Productivity Timer v3.8 [Pro].apk
-Cold Launcher v6.3 Patched.apk
-Cronosurf Wave Pro v2.1.3.apk
-DashLinQ Car Driving Mode App v2.0.0.46 [Premium].apk
-Data & Call Plan Premium v2.0.6 [Unlocked].apk
-DAVdroid – CalDAVCardDAV Sync v1.3.7.1-gplay.apk
-Deep Art Effects Photo Filter PRO v1.4.0 [Unlocked].apk
-Device ID Changer Pro [ADIC] v2.2.apk
-Diaro Pro – diary, journal, notes v3.11.7 [Unlocked].apk
-Diet Watchers Diary v6.5.9 LP and GP.apk
-Digital Call Recorder 3 v3.106 [Pro].apk
-Download Photos – Pro version v2.2.apk
-DriveDroid (Paid) v0.10.33 [Paid].apk
-Electrical Electronic Calc PRO v1.6.7.apk
-Emergency and Acute Medicine v6.0.0.apk
-Emergency Cardiology v6.0.0.apk
-English-Spanish Medical Words v6.0.1.apk
-eWallet v8.3.4 (Patched).apk
-Facetune v1.1.3 Root LIC.apk
-Facetune v1.1.3 Root.apk
-Fakebook Pro – the Real Book v2.8.0.apk
-Fast Scanner Premium v3.5.4 (unlocked).apk
-Financial Calculators Pro v2.6.1 patched.apk
-Floatify – Quick Replies Pro v11.00 build 60 LIC.apk
-Floatify – Quick Replies Pro v11.00 build 60.apk
-Friendly for Facebook v1.2.15 [Unlocked].apk
-Gentle Wakeup Pro Alarm Clock v1.5.8.apk
-Ghost Commander File Manager v1.53.9b2.apk
-Gif Player – OmniGif Pro v3.3.6.1.apk
-GO Clock Alarm Calendar v1.4.7.apk
-Horoscopes Astrology AstroWorx v2.3.1.apk
-Hospital Medicine v6.0.0.apk
-Impulse Music Player Pro v1.8.12.apk
-Kernel Adiutor v0.9.6.2 beta (ROOT) Patched Root.apk
-Lister – Shopping List v5.0.0.10 [Pro].apk
-Live TV v3.3 [Pro].apk
-Lose It! v7.2.5 [Premium].apk
-MailDroid Pro – Email App v4.49 [Mod].apk
-MailDroid Pro – Email App v4.49 [Patched].apk
-Marine Aquarium 3.3 PRO v3.3.11 [Paid].apk
-Marshmallow Launcher Omega v3.0-beta (Unlocked).apk
-Mathe Klasse 2 free v1.03 [Patched].apk
-MediaMonkey v1.3.0.0660 [Pro].apk
-Memorigi Todo List, Task List v1.5.0 [Patch].apk
-Memrise Learn Languages Free v2.9_3902 [Premium].apk
-Meteogram Pro Weather Forecast v1.9.65 build 401 [Paid].apk
-Mixing Station X AIR Pro v0.001.1.apk
-MoneyWiz 2 – Personal Finance v2.5.6.apk
-MoonWorx lunar calendar v2.1.4.apk
-Music Folder Player Full v2.3.1.apk
-Music Strobe Pro v2.43 patched.apk
-MX Player Pro v1.8.15 (Patched AC3 DTS).apk
-My Aurora Forecast Pro v1.4.4.3.apk
-News Republic – Breaking news v7.0.4 [Subscribed].apk
-Nine – Outlook for Android v3.2.0b [Unlocked].apk
-Office Documents Viewer (Pro) v1.23.2.apk
-Office Documents Viewer v1.23.2 [Unlocked].apk
-OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF v8.9.6313 [Paid].apk
-Omega Home Launcher Nougat v2.4 Final (Unlocked).apk
-Palabre – Feedly RSS Reader News v3.1.1 [Premium].apk
-Pandora Radio v7.7.1 Patched.apk
-Parrot – Voice Recorder Pro v2.2.0 (94) [Unlocked].apk
-Perfect365 One-Tap Makeover v6.15.2 [Unlocked].apk
-Phone INFO Samsung v3.5.2 Patched.apk
-Photo Grid Photo Collage Maker v6.00 build 60000006 [Premium].apk
-Photo Memo Pro v2.0.1.apk
-PhotoFixer Pro v2.4.apk
-Picas – Photo Artwork Editor v 1.1.7 Vip.apk
-Pixel – Music Podcast Radio v3.2 [Patched].apk
-Polarr Photo Editor v3.2.0 [Pro].apk
-Police Lights Pro v1.1 patched.apk
-Power Manager Pro v5.0 Root.apk
-QR & Barcode Scanner PRO v1.443 [Paid].apk
-Quick Reboot Pro [ROOT] v1.4.1.1 LP and GP.apk
-QuitNow! PRO – Stop smoking v5.42.2.apk
-Remote Bot for Telegram v1.4.3 [Premium].apk
-Reverse Movie FX – magic video v1.3.9.4 [Unocked].apk
-Root Essentials v2.4.4 [Premium].apk
-SD Maid Pro – System Cleaning Tool v4.5.8 LIC.apk
-SD Maid Pro – System Cleaning Tool v4.5.8.apk
-Shary Music Player v3.8.7.1.apk
-Smart AudioBook Player v3.2.0 [Unlocked].apk
-Snap Swipe Drawer v1.3c [Pro].apk
-Soccer Center PRO (Live Score) v3.4.0.apk
-StrongLifts 5×5 Workout v2.4.9 [Pro].apk
-Surah Yasin v3.3 [Patched].apk
-SystemPanel 2 v2.0.exp.2 [Plus].apk
-Tablet AntiVirus Security PRO v5.9.2.3.apk
-TagMusic v0.6.0 [Pro].apk
-Talking Baby Pro v1.1.3 patched.apk
-Tamil SMS v2.3 [Patched].apk
-Taskbar Donated v3.0.2 build 106.apk
-The Economist v2.1.8 b1218004 [Subscribed].apk
-TickTick – Todo & Task List Pro v3.4.0.apk
-Unit Converter Pro v1.20 [Patched].apk
-Unlimited WiFi Trials v5.5.apk
-VIP Bet Sickness v1.01.12.apk
-Virtual Periodic Table v6.3 [Unlocked].apk
-Wake Up Alarm v3.1.3 [Premium].apk
-WatchMaker Premium Watch Face v4.0.0 [Paid].apk
-Weather Radar & Forecast v1.4.18 [Unlocked].apk
-Weight Meter ideal weight, BMI v1.3.6.apk
-WiFi Data+ v3.6.0 [Paid].apk
-Wifi Password recovery pro v2.0.apk
-WiFi Tether Router v6.1.9 [Patched].apk
-WINDY – NOAA wind forecast v3.1.3 [Pro].apk





Aiseesoft Mac PDF to Word Converter 3.3.6 (Mac OS X)

Aiseesoft Mac PDF to Word Converter 3.3.6 (Mac OS X)

Aiseesoft PDF to Word Converter for Mac safely converts PDF to Word document (.docx) and RTF for editing freely on your Mac. Convert selected pages or all PDF files with preserving the original text, images, graphics, layout and formatting losslessly on your Mac. Recognize more than 190 languages to change PDF into Word/RTF accurately.

Convert PDF to Word/RTF
Safely convert PDF files including text, images, graphics, layout and formatting to Word/RTF on your own Mac.

Recognize 190+ languages
Support more than 190 languages for text recognition to convert local PDF document and scanned PDF file.

Convert selected pages
Turn the selected pages or full content of a PDF file into Microsoft word (.docx) to save time for Mac users.

Convert PDF to Word/RTF on your Mac
Aiseesoft Mac PDF to Word Converter can convert PDF files to Microsoft Word documents (.docx) and RTF files on Mac losslessly. For password protected PDF files, you need to print the password to get the secured original text, images, graphics and layout in the output Word/RTF file with the best quality. After the conversion, you are able to read and edit the output document easily with Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010/2013, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc., on your Mac.

Convert scanned PDF to Word on Mac
Adopting the OCR technology, this PDF to Word Converter for Mac users can recognize over 190 languages (English, Latin, Korean, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, etc.) in PDF files. Whether you download online PDF file or create it in your local Macbook, this app enables you to convert the PDF file to editable Word file with keeping text, images, format and layout perfect. For meeting your full need, this software lets you convert the scanned PDF into Word document or RTF file powerfully on your Mac.

Safe and easy to use
Instead of online PDF converter, this program is safe to protect your PDF file by converting it into Word file on your Mac privately. You could convert several PDF files at a time or convert just part of a large PDF file to save time greatly. Before converting, it lets you open PDF file in your Adobe Reader to preview it page by page. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to convert PDF to Word file with simple steps so that you can edit it easily.

Three OCR modes
It lets you choose one of the OCR modes, Accuracy, Balance and Speed to convert according to your needs.

Optional output settings
It enables you to select output format, layout and image resolution, format and quality to meet your demands.

Convert all or selected pages
You are capable of converting all PDF files at a time or selected pages of one PDF on your Mac freely.

Requires OS X 10.6+





Akvis Standalone Bundle 2 Jan 2017


Title: Akvis Standalone Bundle 2 Jan 2017

Akvis Standalone Bundle 2 Jan 2017

AKVIS Decorator 4.0
AKVIS Lightshop 4.0
AKVIS Magnifier 9.0
AKVIS MakeUp 4.0
AKVIS MultiBrush 9.0
AKVIS NatureArt 8.0
AKVIS Noise Buster 10.0
AKVIS OilPaint 5.0
AKVIS Pastel 2.0
AKVIS Points 2.0
AKVIS Watercolor 1.0
Akvis Retoucher 8.1.1156