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Vsdc Video Editor Pro v5.7.7.693 Multilingual

Vsdc Video Editor Pro v5.7.7.693 Multilingual

Vsdc Video Editor Pro v5.7.7.693 Multilingual | 47.18 MB

“Vsdc Video Editor Pro v5.7.7.693 Multilingual”

The video editor is intended for editing video files and creating videos of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects. The program offers rich functionality and yet has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to create videos with a bare minimum of efforts.
Non-linear video editor
Our editor is a non-linear tool. This means that unlike in most other editors, where scenes come one after another in a linear sequence and certain order, our software allows objects to be placed in any position on the timeline and have any size. Besides, various parameters, shape and position of objects can change arbitrarily over time.

Visual and audio effects
You can apply various visual and audio effects to your videos to achieve the necessary result. Since the number of available visual effect is very high, they are split into five categories for ease of navigation: color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special fx.

Blending modes and Instagram-like filters
One more way of changing the look of your video image according to your preferences is color blending. Using a wide array of adjustable parameters, you can attach a unique professional style to your video. Newbies or those, who would like to save time, can benefit from stylish Instagram-like filters applied in one click.

VSDC Free Video Editor allows for creating different shaped masks for hiding, blurring or highlighting certain elements in your video. You can use it to apply special effects inside or outside the masked area. One of the most common reasons for masking are to blur a face to protect the identity or remove unwanted marks.

Subpixel accuracy
Objects in a scene are positioned with subpixel accuracy, which makes for smooth animation, rotation, transformation and precise relative positioning.

Support of popular formats
Our software supports virtually all video, image and audio formats and codecs. That is why you won’t need any additional conversion tools to edit your files, as is often the case with other programs.

Creation of videos for specific multimedia devices
Thanks to a large set of preconfigured profiles, you can easily create videos for most popular multimedia devices, such as DVD players, iPod/iPhone/iPad, PSP, any smartphones and regular phones, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Zune, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen, Blackberry, MP4 players and many others.

Working with charts
You can create diagrams of different kinds, including 3D diagrams: Bar, Stacked Bar, Point, Bubble, Line, Scatter Line, Fast Line, Step Line, Spline, Area, Spline Area, Stacked Area, Stacked Spline Area, Range Bar, Gantt, Pie, Pie 3D, Torus 3D, Radar Point, Radar Line, Radar Area, Radar Spline, Radar Spline Area, Funnel, Pyramid, Pyramid 3D, High Low, Candle Stick. These objects can be based on dynamically changing data of different types. Besides, the appearance of diagrams is fully customizable (appearance of charts, coordinate axes, user-defined axes, legends, names of charts and axes, lines, labels and other elements), which will help you tailor them to your specific needs. Integrated color themes make it possible to quickly change the way your charts look.

Video library (to be included in the next program release)
The editor software lets you create your own library of multimedia files with brief or detailed descriptions. This will help you organize your video collection and simplify access to the necessary files.

Built-in DVD burning tool
The editor comes with a DVD burning tool, allowing you to easily burn the results of your work to optical discs.

Video File Converter
The application is designed to quickly convert video files from one format to another. It has some basic features for editing videos: removing unneeded segments, splitting your video into parts, and merging several files into one.

Desktop video capture
The video editor features a desktop video capture utility that saves captured footage to a video file for subsequent processing in the editor.

Video capturing
Another feature of the our editor is the ability to capture video from various video tuners, webcams, IP сameras and save the captured footage on your computer in an arbitrary format for subsequent editing.





Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional + Portable

Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional + Portable

Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional + Portable | Windows x86/x64 | English | File Size: 80.06 MB

Windows Password Recovery Tool – World’s 1st Windows Password Recovery Software to Reset Forgotten Windows Login Password. Just 3 Simple Steps to Recover Windows Password without System Reinstallation and without Restore Data.

“Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional + Portable”

Reset Windows Password for Local Users
This all-in-one Windows password recovery enables you to reset forgotten or lost administrator and standard user password in Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

  • Remove or reset Windows administrator and other user password for local account.
  • Change your Microsoft account (Windows Live) password offline with Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate.
  • Create a new local admin account to unlock your computer.

Recover Windows Password for Domain Users
It works efficiently to recover domain password in Windows Server 2012(R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2).

  • Reset, remove or change domain administrator (Active Directory) and other user password.
  • Create a new domain admin account if someone hacked your previous one.

2 Options to Burn a Windows Password Reset Disk
Windows Password Recovery Tool offers you 2 options to create a Windows password reset disk (CD/DVD or a USB flash drive), making sure that you can boot up any desktop or laptop when you cannot enter Windows.

  • Quick Recovery: Make a Windows password reset disk with the default ISO image file provided by Windows Password Recovery Tool, which saves your time.
  • Advanced Recovery Wizard: Burn a bootable drive with a customized ISO image. It will guide you step by step with easy wizards, which is more convenient and precisely: select target Windows version, choose media to download drive and burn disk  very quick to finish.

Compatible with Most Windows System & All PC Brands
– Completely support Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows XP, 2000, NT, etc.
– Perfectly support Windows Server 2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2)
– Support various brands of desktops, laptops, tablet PCs and server, including Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Lenovo, ASUS, etc.
– Support almost all file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.
– Support various types of hard drives like IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc.

The Easiest Windows Password Recovery Tool
With this easy Windows password recovery software, you can change Windows password as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Download and install the application on an accessible PC.
  • Insert a blank CD/DVD or a USB Flash device in computer,and next you’ll be able to burn a Windows password reset disk in a few seconds.
  • Boot the locked computer from the burned disk, and then you can reset Windows password under WinPE within a few clicks.

Effective, Safe Windows Password Recovery
– 100% Windows password reset rate guaranteed. No need to reinstall Windows.
– The process of reset Windows password is completely safe and non-destructive with no data loss.

Why You Choose Windows Password Recovery Tool
This excellent Windows password recovery software is much more outstanding than other brands in many aspects, including:

  • Much faster. It works quickly to unlock any Windows password with 3X speed.
  • Much safer. No virus or damage on your computer. It never leaks out your account information.
  • Without system reinstallation. There is no need to reinstall your Windows system, so that you would not lose computer files.
  • 100% password recovery rate. It never fails to reset Windows password and has earned a good reputation among users.

Release Notes:
Adds full support for Windows 10.
New feature: Reset Forgotten Windows Login Password for Local Account and Microsoft Account.

System Requirements:
– Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista (32/64 bit) and Windows Server 2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2)
– RAM: 512 MB or more of RAM (1028MB Recommended)
– Processor : 800MHZ or above (1GHZ is recommended)
– Memory : 512MB or above (1GB is recommended)
– Optical Drive : CD-ROM drive, DVD-ROM drive
– USB Flash Drive : USB flash drive



Contacts Journal CRM 1.2.3 (MacOSX)

Contacts Journal CRM 1.2.3 (MacOSX)

File Size: 8.4 MB

Contacts Journal is a powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships: save notes of important meetings, set follow ups and meetings, create custom contact fields, and attach important documents to each of your contacts. Available on the Mac, iPhone and iPad, with seamless iCloud syncing across all devices.

“Contacts Journal CRM 1.2.3 (MacOSX)”

• add value to your professional network
• track your customer and client relationships
• manage your sales pipeline
• get the best out of networking opportunities
• see a map of all your contacts, with color-coding options
• be prepared for your next meeting
• track interactions with friends and family
• effectively manage tasks and appointments
• carry a virtual folder of documents with you
• keep a call log
• store important contact data using customizable contact fields

• sales teams
• small business owners
• contractors
• portfolio managers
• personal productivity hackers
• professional like lawyers, real-estate agents, teachers, nurses etc.

As long as you are someone who interacts with many people, professionally or personally, Contacts Journal will keep you on top of things. Don’t keep it all in your head, or locked up in a spreadsheet or legacy system – use Contacts Journal to track your interactions with the people who matter.

• Import and link contacts directly from the Contacts app
• Create Private Contacts and Private Groups to keep information separate from your Contacts app
• See all your contacts and notes on a single Map view
• Attach Files to your contacts; import using file picker, or drag and drop documents into app
• Drag emails from the Mail app and attach to contact
• Define your own custom fields, and attach custom data for each contact
• Add ToDos with alerts in Notification Center for important follow-ups
• Create events in Calendar app for your ToDos
• Call (using Skype, Facetime Audio, or iPhone over WiFi), message or email your contacts directly from the app
• Export your data for reporting by email, CSV, or PDF
• No recurring billing, no hosted service. Works offline
• Featuring automatic, seamless syncing with iCloud between Mac, iPhone and iPad apps
• DropBox sync also available

What’s New in Version 1.2.3
– add multiple files with the same filename to different contacts
– access and edit the URL fields from a contact’s Info page, as well as open up the URLs from within the app
– add personalization options for the Subject field in Email Templates
– right-click on fields on the Info page to copy data

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor






IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 8.11.1

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 8.11.1

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 8.11.1 | 1.1 Gb

IAR Systems, a future-proof supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, announces the availability of a major update of its development tools for ARM. Version 8.11.1 of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM provides complete support for the C11 and C++14 language standards. It also includes an updated integrated development environment (IDE), bringing boosted user experience and improved workflows to developers worldwide.

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM offers a complete IDE with everything a developer needs in one single view. The included IAR C/C++ Compiler provides leading technology built by the compiler experts at IAR Systems, and version 8.10 of the development tools add compliance with the latest C language standard ISO/IEC 9899:2011 as well as the latest C++ standard ISO/IEC 14882:2014. The latest tools version also offers a major update of the IDE, including feature enhancements such as improved window management and docking enabling more efficient workflows. In addition, the version 8.10 adds new tutorials to provide developers with a quick project start as well as new possibilities for easier trace filtering and navigation.

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM incorporates the IAR C/C++ Compiler, an assembler, a linker and the C-SPY Debugger into one completely integrated development environment. Powerful add-ons and integrations, including easy-to-use debugging and trace probes as well as integrated tools for static analysis and runtime analysis, add additional capabilities. To fully support developers in their specific needs, IAR Systems offers extensive technical support services all over the world and training courses in embedded programming though IAR Academy.

Release notes for IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version 8.11.1:

Read about the latest features, new device support, and program corrections in the release notes.

– None.
Device support
– New device support

Device support

Example projects
– Over 9000 example projects for various evaluation boards are included in the product installation.

About IAR Systems

IAR Systems supplies future-proof software tools and services for embedded development, enabling companies worldwide to create the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow. Since 1983, IAR Systems’ solutions have ensured quality, reliability and efficiency in the development of over one million embedded applications. The company is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden and has sales and support offices all over the world.

Product: IAR Embedded Workbench
Version: for ARM version
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Language: english, japanese
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP (32bit) / Vista / 7even / 8.x / 2003 server (32bit) / 2008 server
Size: 1.1 Gb



GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 Build 6005 Update

GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 Build 6005 Update

GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 Build 6005 Update | 732.9 mb

GraphiSoft, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) architectural software developer, has released update of ArchiCAD 20.0. This Update focuses on teamworking, editing and modeling enhancements and contains various fixes since the original release of ArchiCAD 20.

ArchiCAD 20 features a brand new, flat-design graphical UI that sets the new version apart from run-of-the-mill BIM tools. Underneath the surface, a number of important functional improvements put the emphasis on the “I” in BIM.

This Update contains various enhancements and fixes since the original release of ArchiCAD 20.

223773 BIM Server/CRASH: The update installer of BIM Server crashed, if the admin user’s name contained non ASCII (e.g.: ?) characters.
195433 BIMcloud: LDAP usernames containing an apostrophe were not displayed correctly.
187469 BIMcloud/BIM Server: If the Manager logged out the user due to inactivity, it did not, after the user entered a password, return the user to the last page visited, instead it presented the home page.
165466 BIMcloud/BIM Server: A duplicated project inherited the original project’s access rights.
223242 BIMcloud/BIM Server: Delete project/library from Manager could fail in multiselect mode.
213768 BIMcloud/FREEZE: The BIMcloud license accounting system did not provide continuity of service if one hardware key providing CALs was removed.
199323 BIMcloud/TEAMWORK/HOTLINK: Project with hotlinked Teamwork files opened very slow if a user’s license was revoked.
220884 CRASH: ARCHICAD 20 crashed after copying shadows in the 3D Window under certain circumstances.
220562 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when the RoofMaker Tool was started.
220872 CRASH: ARCHICAD might no start if its installation harddrive’s name contained special character.
215369 CRASH: ARCHICAD could crash when repairing a corrupt file.
212341 CRASH: In certain cases, clicking “Select Elevation marker on the Home Story and zoom to it” caused ARCHCIAD to crash.
220473 DOCUMENT: Change Markers of closed issues were visible on layouts despite the option “Show Markers of latest Revision only” having been turned on in the settings of the current Issue.
223324 DOCUMENT: Door width could be listed with wrong values in schedules, if a curtain wall was on the zone boundary.
219880 DOCUMENT: In schedules the border settings could not be set correctly in some cases, when 2D Plan Preview fields were listed as well.
217614 DOCUMENT: In some cases the Renovation Filters could appear reversed compared to the View.
222028 DOCUMENT: It was not possible to modify the ifc property of the selected element by Element Settings dialog when the category had changed.
220974 DOCUMENT: Renovation Status randomly changed to Existing.
223107 DOCUMENT: The Project Info Given Name Field couldn’t be filled in using a JPN ARCHICAD version.
220772 DOCUMENT/CRASH: The process of a adjusting dimension chains or objects with dimension chains was not handled safely in 3d Documents.
222033 DOCUMENT/CRASH: Importing ARCHICAD 19 Attribute XMLs into ARCHICAD 20 caused it to crash.
219623 DOCUMENT/HOTLINK/CRASH: A hotlinked file using Renovation Filters not included in the host file caused a crash.
220614 EDIT: In some cases ellipses were rotated in the wrong direction.
219721 EXPORT/GOODIES: In ARCHICAD 20 Construction Simulation Add-on created animations showing all construction elements as already built at the begining of the movie.
223478 FILE/2DL/EXPORT/CRASH: Sun Shadows led to ARCHICAD crash if they were exported with On a single level option.
216547 FILE/C4D/EXPORT: Merging changed geometry from ARCHICAD to Cinema4D didn’t work.
172547 FILE/DWG: In certain cases, DWG translator got duplicated when Translation Setup was opened.
223096 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: DWG export didn’t contain dimensions which used negative witness line length value.
222137 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Solid and Percentage Fills didn’t export properly to DWF.
213874 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Body colour of openings was exported incorrectly to IFC in some cases.
219887 FILE/MODEL/FREEZE: Walls with complex profiles could cause freeze in ARCHICAD during zooming on Floor Plan.
223500 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: Crash could happen in case of Opening PLN made in ARCHICAD 13.
220975 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: Opening old file caused ARCHICAD to crash due to legacy Find & Select criteria.
223335 FILE/RVT/IMPORT: IfcSpaces with curved geometry weren’t imported into Revit correctly the Revit Add-in.
220525 FILE/SAVE: Rendering texture with Alpha channel gave different results on Windows and (MacOSX).
194373 GDL/CRASH: Changing the Subtype of a custom Library Part to Duct Type Fitting caused ARCHICAD to crash.
222259 GDL/CRASH: StairMaker could crash with certain fill shapes.
224362 HOTLINK: An inconsistent IFC scheme in a hotlink crashed ARCHICAD.
220883 HOTLINK: Property values in labels could be lost when the file is Hotlinked into a host file.
225623, 225267 HOTLINK: Open and repair did not correct certain Hotlink corruption issues.
222939 HOTLINK/CRASH: Multiple Hotlinks using the same name but different paths caused ARCHICAD to crash.
219401 HOTLINK/CRASH: A hotlinked file using Renovation Filters not included in the host file caused a crash.
206359 MODEL: Cut line of complex wall is not visible in Elevation if node of Elevation line is in outside line of wall.
223422 MODEL: Generation of Zones in 3D was slow.
221434 MODEL: Level Dimension dimForm could not recognize some symbols.
219972, 221933 MODEL: Renovation override contour Line Pen was incorrect in case of demolished openings.
218839 MODEL: Texture mapping was distorted after applying Align 3D Texture – Set Origin. command to a curved Wall.
217293 MODEL/CRASH: In certain cases roofs could disappear if the Drag Horizontal Ridge command was used to adjust them.
215603 MODEL/CRASH: Rebuilding Detail from Source View caused ARCHICAD to crash if Elevation/Section was completely outside the detail boundary but touching the the Detail Marker polygon.
223885 TEAMWORK: Communication with server could be slow due to Interactive Scheduler.
217503 TEAMWORK: In case of large projects Reserve All could take a significant time to complete.
224375 TEAMWORK: In some cases, it was possible that a 3D document on a layout displayed wrong dimension values in Teamwork.
193881 TEAMWORK/BIM Server/BIMcloud: It was not possible to keep the local cache of a teamwork project if it was renamed or moved on the server.
93860 TEAMWORK/BIMcloud: It was not possible to re-share a project using the same name as the original.
221764 TEAMWORK/BIMx/CRASH: Clicking on “Show Elements” button in Teamwork message which came from BIMx caused crash when it was directing to the 3D window.
219452 TEAMWORK/DOCUMENT/CRASH: Deletion of unreserved changes in Change Manager caused crash.
208758 TEAMWORK/HOTLINK With certain property data in Hotlink Modules ARCHICAD crashed on update.
221147 USER INTERFACE: If property had “Option Set” type, Criteria did not register first option.
220540 USER INTERFACE: In Element setting, clicking the symbol before the Property name changed the value back to default.
223483 USER INTERFACE: When moving a static dimension line the feedback was misleading as if it was only possible to move the dimension in perpendicular direction, while moving itself worked correctly.

GRAPHISOFT ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment; EcoDesigner, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution; and BIMx, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization. GRAPHISOFT is part of the Nemetschek Group.

Product: GraphiSoft ArchiCAD
Version: 20 INT (Build 6005) Update Only
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10
Software Prerequisites: GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20.0
Size: 732.9 mb