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Urban Decay Shader Pack (physical) for Element 3D

Urban Decay Shader Pack (physical) for Element 3D | 2.4 GB

The Urban Decay Shader Pack is a collection of 600 high quality texture presets that add those urban, industrial, and hard surface style material sets that are essential to every artist’s graphical arsenal.

Although the pack contains over 600 shader presets that are designed for Video Copilot’s Element 3D plug in for Adobe After Effects, all the texture maps (Diffuse, Normal, Specular, and AO) can easily be used in any other 3D application.
Almost all the shaders come with dirt maps as part of the preset so that with a toggle of a check box in Element 3D you the artist can give your clean texture a dirty and grungy appearance with the flexibility to dial in how much dirt you need. This effectively doubles the number of shaders that come in this pack.


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Greyscalegorilla Complete Suite

Greyscalegorilla Complete Suite

Cinema 4D | Win & Mac | ZIP 16 GB


  • Sometimes it’s easier to just get it all! That’s why we’ve put together the Greyscalegorilla Complete Suite. This Suite is the ultimate package we offer. It includes every product we sell (X-Particles NOT-Included).

       Complete Suite Includes

  • Light Kit Pro
  • Transform
  • City Kit
  • HDRI Studio Rig
  • Signal
  • Texture Kit Pro
  • TopCoat
  • HDRI Pack: Commercial Locations
  • HDRI Pack: European Holiday
  • HDRI Pack: Paradise
  • HDRI Pack: Pro Studios
  • HDRI Pack: Road Trip
  • HDRI Pack: Pro Studios Metal
  • HDRI Link
  • Gorilla Grade LUTs

MotionVFX – mLooks 1 & 2 for Adobe Premiere c

MotionVFX – mLooks 1 & 2 for Adobe Premiere Pro | 940 MB


motionVFX mLooks 1 & 2 – is a collection of professional presets for Adobe Premiere Pro. Powerful,affordable and easy to use!

mLooks 1: 60 Grade Presets for Adobe Premiere
mLooks 2 : 45 amazing grading presets for Adobe Premiere


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Telegdi Old Syle _Script 1813456

Telegdi Old Syle Script 1813456



Telegdi Old Syle _Script 1813456


The Telegdi is one of the most successful font family of IHOF and Fontanatype that has turned everything you have ever known about Baroque typefaces upside down. It can be used as a text and as a display text. However, and now it is available as a webfont.

Telegdi Old Style™ is a font family inspired by the unique, historical character of Jesuit press letters in Nagyszombat. High contrast, thin serifs, sharp terminals and large x-height are the key features for distinctive headlines. The whole family consist of 5+1 weights and real italics, small caps, swash caps glyphs, oldstyle, tabular figures and fractions. It covers extended latin script. Every weight has almost 600 glyphs.

Abbot Nicolaus Telegdi purchased the Vienna Jesuit press in 1577 and started to work immediately with its own worn-out typefaces. His first works were publications of his own speeches. The Telegdi typefaces evoke a historical feel, with their authentic, highly distressed style.

Microsoft Typography News: We like “Telegdi Antique”, from Hungarian designer Amondo Szegi, please, no excuses for using Caslon Antique any more.