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CM – FontGrap – Font Graphic Bundle 1516238


107 OTF 103 TTF 25 Ai 22 EPS 793 PNG | 399 MB RAR
All beautiful fonts carefully with crafted. These fonts are perfect for logos, blog, social media, posters, apparel, wedding invitations, labels and many others
  1. Waltus
  2. Void
  3. Theos
  4. Themost
  5. Staiger
  6. Scripter
  7. Rosgart
  8. Rollfunk
  9. Revel
  10. Plore
  11. Pitter
  12. Murtics
  13. Muffet
  14. Millace
  15. Mauret
  16. Magical
  17. Lemonia
  18. Mostter
  19. Infister
  20. Humos
  21. Hullist
  22. Hulleva
  23. Hottuf
  24. Happ Tum
  25. Grafter
  26. Fuster
  27. Flotus
  28. First Text
  29. Fintype
  30. Feruci
  31. Evertype
  32. Enough
  33. Elgard
  34. Castellia
  35. Callet
  36. Breital
  37. Beafust
  38. Astter
  39. Herlock
  40. Anter
  41. Reusk
  42. Quickfox
  43. Wellone
  44. Foldeck
  45. Mauve Rois
  46. Fuster
  47. Serffost
  48. Gothup
  49. Hurgey
  50. Gullick
  51. Catties
  52. Wilfur
  53. Cindelia
  54. Monofor
  55. Handtype Toolkit
  56. Emillyn
  57. Allegate
  58. Northline
  59. Perston Type
  60. Wayback
  61. Nufertum
  62. Fouyers
  63. Barkless
  64. Blackyard
  65. Herfume
  66. Forsa
  67. Heiger
  68. Latype
  69. Stokebridge





Foxing Font + PS Action 1050447

Foxing Font + PS Action - Script20897162089717208971820897192089720


Foxing Font + PS Action 1050447
It’s a brand new year and The Branded Quotes is bringing something fresh to the table! An all new idea as to how your typography be displayed.
Foxing font is a hybrid of the street calligraphy and the gorgeousness of a script font. Curvy and tough!
Now this is the game-changer, Foxing PS Action! A single-click effect that changes a normal font into a realistic hand-brushed typography. Yes, for real.

Download includes:
-Foxing Font (Multilingual in ttf and otf)
-Foxing PS Action
-Foxing Brush
-Installation Guide



Indigo Summer Font Trio

NEW! Indigo Summer Font Trio - Display26593082659309265931026593113012087

Indigo Summer Font Trio
It’s time to take a little time out and get PLAYFUL with a brand new rustic font trio that loves a good adventure! 🙂
Introducing the Indigo Summer Font Trio , a happy trio of hand lettered and brushed fonts (with extras), all designed to compliment each other perfectly in typographic designs, yet stand beautifully on their own , each with it’s own unique personality.

END and BEGINNING swashes : From rustic arrows to twirly curls, you can choose between 8 lovely end swash sets to add onto your lowercase start and end letters. If you don’t have Opentype capable software, there is a separate Swashes TTF font for you to use for typing out the swashes.

ALTERNATE letters : The script has a full set of lowercase alternate characters and double letter ligatures to make your design look super natural.

160 FUN ILLUSTRATIONS & Dingbat Fonts that don’t require special software : To add to the adventure and fun you will be having with this pack, I’ve included over 160 hand-drawn vector elements to add a plash of adventure to your designs! They come in various handy formats – even as a handy dingbat font!