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Decor set Zara Home

Decor set Zara Home

Decor set Zara Home
max | obj | 3D models | 161 MB

Decorative set dresser Most items from Zara Home Restoration Hardware table itself off Smoothing. Pile for brushes made in VRayFur, Inner angles recommend increasing smoothing the object to which the applied vraFur, for long enough three iterations. Bouquet on a separate layer. If the scene is heavily edited, I recommend to turn off the layer in the archive are two obj-files: one for all the decor, except the bouquet, second only to the bouquet. This is done for ease of opening files



Female 03 Pose Pack

Female 03 Pose Pack
obj | 3D mdoels | 486 MB

Anatomy 360’s Female 03 pose pack comes with 10 high-resolution 3d scanned dynamic life model poses in full colour. Rotate, light, sketch and sculpt using real human anatomical reference. Available for both Windows PC and Mac. Please see minimum system specifications below before ordering.

What’s in the pack

10 x Female life model poses preloaded into our Anatomy 360 Viewer. You do not need any additional software or viewers to use this product everything is included.



Anatomy360 Neutral Heads Pack 01

Anatomy360 Neutral Heads Pack 01

Anatomy360 Neutral Heads Pack 01
obj | 3D models | 805 MB

Anatomy 360’s neutral head pack 01 comes with 10 high-resolution 3d scanned head models with neutral expressions.

What’s in the pack
10 x Male and female heads preloaded into the Anatomy 360 Viewer.

For those of you that don’t want to use the Anatomy 360 model viewer, I have also extracted all of the models into OBJ files with PNG texture maps. This took quite a bit of time so I thought I’d share.

Included maps are Texture, Detail/Height, and Ambient Occlusion in PNG format.

Run the Anatomy 360 Neutral Head Pack 01 Setup.exe if you want to look at the models in the Anatomy 360 model viewer

Import the OBJ files and textures into your favorite 3D modeling application. I ripped the OBJs directly from the model viewer using NinjaRipper and Maya.





3D Models – Cars Model Collection V

3D Models – Cars Model Collection V

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2016 – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Bentley Continental GT3 2014 Race Car [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
BMW M5 2014 F10 – 3D Model [maxj]

Chevrolet Corvette C7R 2015 [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Dodge Charger 1969 Custom – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Ferrari F12 TRS Roadster 2014 [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
GMC Sierra HD 2015 [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Infiniti JX 2013 [max]
Jaguar C-X75 2014 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Koenigsegg Regera 2017 – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-lwo-max-obj]
Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR 2015 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-max-obj]
Mercedes-Benz SS Roadster 1930 [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road 2016 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]


3D Models - Cars Model Collection V

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7