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Fea Humanist Serif Typeface


Fea Humanist Serif Typeface
OTF | Win/Mac | 1.8 MB
Fea Humanist Serif Typeface is a typeface based on Swift. It coming from the inspiration of the Roman letterforms from the late XV century. It fits great for any kind of editorial use such as magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, reports. Despite its classic look from the construction of calligraphic shapes and it’s high contrast, its edgy details and contrasted irregular joints will make it perfect for any purpose. It will work nicely in small sizes as well as in bigger ones. It comes along with more than 800 glyphs and many opentype features to fulfill all your possible needs.






Character 3D Models Collection


Character 3D Models Collection
format FBX | textures | 765 Mb



Character 3D Models include:
Andariel Demon – Diablo 2
Baal Demon Base – Diablo 3
Baal Demon Pose – Diablo 3
Behemoth Demon – Fan Art Concept
Crossfire – Character Design
Demon Concept – Character Concept Design
Diablo Demon – Blizzicon Contest Winner
Diablo Demon – Fan Art Cept
Diablo Demon Base – Diablo 3
Diablo Demon Pose – Diablo 3
Doomsday Demon – Fan Art Concept
Duriel Demon – Diablo 3
Hellboy Pose – Fan Art
Iblis Demon – Fan Art Design
Ifrit Demon – Demon Concept Character Design
Mephisto Demon – Diablo 3
Qmaera – The Cursed Queen
Ryuko Matoi – Fan Art
Scarlet Witch – Marvel Comics
Swamp Thing – DC Comics
Tomb Viper Demon – From Diablo 3
Venom – Marvel Comics