AutoCAD Civil 3D training: The Ultimate Course

Duration 4h 30m Project Files Included MP4

Duration 4h 30m Project Files Included MP4


Title: Udemy – AutoCAD Civil 3D training: The Ultimate Course

Civil 3D training course for every level
What you’ll learn

Mastery of the User Interface
Creating project template files and Styles
Importing and processing survey files
Creating and analyzing Surface Data
Designing Alignment and Profiles
Designing subdivision streets and roads
Design wet utilities (Storm and Sanitary Sewers)
Cutting cross-sections and estimating earthworks volumes


Basic computer skills and engineering concepts


The Civil 3d Essentials course teaches all the necessary skills to design a development project in Civil 3D. Among the topics covered by the course are:

1. Exploring the user interface

2. Working with survey data

3. Creating alignments and profiles

4. Designing corridors and pipe networks

5. Cutting cross-sections; and

6. Estimating earthworks material volumes.

Civil 3D is the AutoCAD vertical product for Civil Engineers. While an understanding of AutoCAD is useful for this course, the process and workflows used in designing a project in Civil 3D are completely different from those used in AutoCAD.

Who this course is for:

All levels