CM SALE%50 – Halloween Flyer Bundle 399945

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CM SALE%50 – Halloween Flyer Bundle 399945

The PSD files are very well organized in folders and layers. You can modify everything very easy and quick. Changing the color style, pictures and the typo is no problem. The main folders that will require most customization are highlighted in different colors.

PNG, PSD | CS2 | 300 DPI | 4 x 6 px | 342 MB





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JSX, PSD, PNG, JPG, ABR, ASL | CC 2014+ | 78 Mb

With the 3D Map Generator – Terrain you can easily create a grayscale heightmap and then generate a 3D terrain out of it. The extensive features of our plugin are real time savers for creatives who want to create professional and high-quality maps in no time. And the best thing is: you don‘t need to be a Photoshop pro!

Features Overview
3D map from every grayscale heightmap possible
Extensive tool to generate and edit your own heightmap
Heightmap browser 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 28
Auto-heightmaps function 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 29
Map Library + free example set 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 30
Random Clouds function 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 31
Top-View Map function 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 32
21 heightmap brushes 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 33
Map elevation setting
3D map froim an individual shape 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 34
3 different isometric map orientations (left, frontal, right)
Auto-Texturing tool 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 35
16 gradient presets
22 seamless textures 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 36
7 Map Legend Textures 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 37
Different texturing brushes
21 background presets
Map edge color picker tool 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 38
Guides tool 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 39
Contour lines tool
Water level function
Add and delete map depth (unlimted)
Global Shadow function
4 effect brushes for designing the map surface
Gravel Tool 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 40
100+ map icons and elements3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap – 41
Icons library functions > add your own icons
Plugin for Photoshop CC-2014 and newer
20+ Video Tutorials

Draw or modify a heightmap with the heightmap tools. Get real world heightmaps from real locations. Specify the map elevation and orientation and generate an isometric 3D map. Style the map surface with editable gradient presets, seamless textures, Contour Lines tool, Water Level tool and EFX brushes. Change the map height, style the background, determine the Map lighting, place high quality isometric map icons from the icons library. Load your own icons into the library. Create professional 3D terrains with just a couple of clicks. All with one tool and a few clicks in Photoshop!



3D MAP GENERATOR – GEO – V1.5 – 12451004

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3D MAP GENERATOR – GEO – V1.5 – 12451004

JSX, PSD, PNG, ABR, ASL | CC 2014+ | 37 Mb

The “3D Map Generator – GEO” creates professional 3D maps which are perfect for illustrations, presentations, game design, as terrain descriptions, location descriptions, directions, for map reproduction, as weather maps and much more. The user interface of the panel is clearly arranged and easy to handle. Shape, texture and background libraries are extendable for future updates. The icon library can be filled with own icons or our icon sets that are available seperately.

Features Overview

3D isometric maps
Three isometric map orientations
3D-Maps from every shape and any size
Shapeless isometric maps 3D Map Generator – GEO – 9
Smart Object maps
Unlimited map size
Unlimited quantity of layers (map height)

Map styles and backgrounds
Layer structure with 3D effect
Tree and water brushes
Grass edges, gravel, spume effect
Diffuse surface function 3D Map Generator – GEO – 10
Layer color presettings and custom color function
Background presettings
Layer surface, effects and background editable seperately for unlimited times
Global light function

Perfectly aligned marks and surface objects
7 pre-built brushes and 16 textures
Heights and depths function
4 Auto Texturing function presets 3D Map Generator – GEO – 11
Fake contour-lines effect function
3 grids 3D Map Generator – GEO – 12
Editable for unlimited times

37 basic icons and elements
54 country* vector shapes





Alien Skin Exposure X4 Bundle is a photo editor and organizer that combines all of Alien Skin’s plug-ins to edit photos in one product. The kit is based on Exposure X, a photo editing application that optimizes workflow and provides a wide range of creative tools.

Turn your digital images into expressive works of art using Exposure X Bundle’s rich creative tools. Hundreds of carefully selected styles will bring a human touch to your work. Personalize these looks using robust editing tools and natural environment effects like oil paints and watercolors.

Experience easier, smarter road to work. Exposure X Bundle simplifies the workflow, so you spend your time making creative decisions, not an educational software package. You will not find complications such as catalogs or imports. It is easy to switch between edits in exposure and those who use natural-media and image-enhancing tools.

Work as you wish – Exposure X Bundle will adapt. It has the tools you need in a professional, and autonomous photo editor. It also works great as a series of plugins for Lightroom or Photoshop. Exposure editing RAW-files without destroying it, and provides powerful organizational tools, customizable user interface and speed.

Alien Skin Software has released a new version of Exposure X – a standalone program and a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom. Designed for true connoisseurs of photo art and will change the photos by adding various effects: imitation of a frame from a feature film, simulation of shooting with an analog camera. The program allows you to change the exposure to your taste and recreate the features characteristic of films from different manufacturers: bright colors of Velvia, rich black tones of Kodachrome or sensitivity of Ektachrome, add a Bokeh effect.

In Exposure X, compared with the previous version 7, the user interface has been improved, the file management structure has been changed, and new shortcut keys have been added. Expsure X now will not use the catalog file and does not need to import photos, the user can select the folders for accessing the photos. Among the changes to the interface can be noted the ability to change and hide the panel. Standard panels have also changed. Exposure X supports file management, including renaming and moving images. Also available are tools for organizing images, such as setting a rating and marking with color and many others. Exposure X has over 500 presets (pre-blanks) to simulate various features of films. Some effects, such as grain, may not be added to the entire image, but only to shadows, bright areas or semitones. Films of each manufacturer and even different brands of films of the same manufacturer have different technical characteristics. Some of them allow you to more accurately capture small details in dark areas, others have a stunning range of transmitted colors, but lose them in too bright or too dark frames. The program will allow you to manipulate various aspects of the features of the films to achieve interesting results.

The new version of Exposure X completely redesigned user interface, added new, improved and improved the previous effects, new textures, new controls that will help you quickly explore a wide range of effects, or develop your own.

User interface:
The user interface has improved aesthetics and optimized navigation. In Exposure X, in the presets window you can immediately see the possible result of applying presets, it is possible to see the presets in text format. Presets are again divided into categories, it is possible to create your own presets. Retina display support.
Exposure X adds new textures, more flexible border, dust and scratch settings. effects and light effects are divided into groups. Randomize a tool to randomly select different results, a convenient way to get unique results.

Presets group
You can control preset settings using groups of related sliders (sliders), as well as texture mapping. A group of presets allow you to quickly explore possible options so as not to mess with the individual sliders. Hover over a preset – the thumbnail will be updated to show you how it will look in the photo. Just go over the list of presets to quickly explore them visually. Additionally, with each preset, you can use a variety of settings controls: tone, curves, focus, grain, vignette, etc.

Texture mapping
In Exposure X you can add a wide range of beautiful realistic effects simulating “dirt”, matte emulsion, flare, scratches, dust, old frame.

Alien skin snap art – it is a graphic editor that turns your photos into a drawing with a pencil, pastel, charcoal, oil painting or watercolor, etc. The program can work as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop or offline. Snap Art 4 offers over 200 presets in 12 basic styles. When creating a Snap Art, it takes into account the contours of objects in the original photo, so that strokes and strokes fall naturally. In each preset, you can adjust various effect parameters, as well as image tone, lighting, vignetting, and the type of canvas to which the effect should be applied. In addition, you can create and save your own favorite effects as user preferences. You can view the original image and the processing results in real time in various split modes.

Key features:
All filter groups are combined into a single interface.
Filters: Colored pencils, Comics, Impasto, Oil paint, Pastel, Pencil drawing, Pen and ink drawing, Pointillism, Stylization, Watercolor, Colored chalk drawing.
Tight integration with Lightroom and support for batch processing (Photoshop is not required).
The ability to clear fine details by returning to the source in specific areas of the image using the function of detailed masking.
Algorithms for applying strokes and strokes to reproduce the natural texture make objects natural and recognizable.
The ability to save any of your settings presets and presets for later use.

What’s New in Exposure X Bundle:
Fully offline Photo Manager
RAW support
As a standalone program, Exposure X now allows you to work with RAW files from most cameras of all manufacturers without the need for prior conversion to TIFF or JPEG.
Exposure X provides true non-destructive editing of RAW files offline. Processing becomes much simpler and more rational!
Quick view of folders and files
Exposure X now provides quick browsing of folders and files, conducting operations (copying, moving, renaming, deleting) directly within the same user interface when working offline. There is no need to switch between modules, as in other programs, you can simply drag up a batch or a separate image and work with them here.
Organize and reject files using checkboxes / stars / colors
No need to import images
Easy transfer of images between computers or external drives
Easy backup
Cloud syncing makes it easy to work with multiple computers.
Copy from multiple memory cards at the same time
Filter presets to view only those photos that interest you.
Display of metadata in the preview and in a separate panel
No need to import images
Work on other tasks while copying in the background
Send a photo to an external editor and then return the results
New emulation film presets: Petzval, Pinhole Camera and Freelensing
New textures. You can put touches on your images using a number of new interesting textures that have been added to the Overlays panel. Developed by world-famous photographers Lara Jade and Parker J. Pfister, these textures can be applied subtly or aggressively to get a more accurate look.
White balance pipette
Temperature and shade
Detail panel – noise reduction and sharpness
Brush tool: retouching portraits, lightening or darkening parts of an image, the effect of a preset on a specific area
Stack of effects
Shortcut Keys
Basic slider panel with brightness and juiciness settings.
Flexible control panels: move, hide panels, solo mode
In offline mode, Exposure X has an easy-to-use panel for trimming and rotation.

• Adobe Photoshop CS6 – CC and higher
• Adobe Lightroom 6 – CC and up

Exposure X4 is available:
• Improvements to Exposure’s RAW processing system
• eliminate or eliminate optical distortion.
• Enhanced light effects
• Smart collections? that automatically populate based on photo criteria that you choose
• Faster file exporting and launch times
• Lightroom migration metadata over into Exposure
• Monitored folders that support tethered shooting workflows
• New printing presets
• Support for new cameras and lenses
• Expanded workflow options for image copying and exporting

Program Information:
Year of release:
Platform: Windows® 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit only)
Interface Language: English
Cure: cracked
File size: 581,01 MB






Perfectly Clear is a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom, which allows you to adjust photos to the perfect view in automatic mode in just a couple of mouse clicks, as well as correct them manually. Traditional image correction methods do not always lead to the desired result. This product deserves your attention in order to entrust it with auto-correction of your photos with invaluable memories. Perfectly Clear will give you the opportunity to instantly bring the photo to perfection. Just run the plugin and the selected photos will be automatically corrected.

There are more than a dozen restrictions in digital cameras that lead to undesirable distortions in photographs such as: light, darkness, lack of saturation and color depth, poor skin tone, blurriness, red eyes, noise, etc. The Perfectly Clear plugin will fix these defects in automatic or manual modes using its own proprietary technology, which applied more than 10 patented adjustments and 10 years of scientific research.

Features of the plugin:
• Layer support
• Editing only the selected area in the photo
• Reliable detection and removal of the red-eye effect
• Smart sharpness (New range: 0-200 instead of 0-100)
• Efficient use of memory.
• Resizable plugin window
• Effective tags will save even more time.
• Plug-in windows are visible on widescreen monitors.
• You can run the Perfectly Clear Plug-in through remote desktop.
• Advanced Interface
• Updated presets

In the automatic mode, the following adjustments are available:
• White balance
• Color tone
• Depth and intensity of color
• Clean photo (noise reduction, grit elimination)
• Portrait photographs
• Skin tone
• Exposure
• Sharpness
• Dissipation of light / removal of sharp light
• Dynamic range
• Remove red-eye
• Elimination of color distortion, ghosting

System requirements:
• Windows 7, 8, and 10 (64-bit only)
• Photoshop CS6 or newer, including all Creative Cloud versions
• Photoshop Elements 13, 14, 15 
• Corel PaintShop Pro X6 or newer
• Lightroom 4 or newer
• 4 GB RAM or more
• OpenGL v2 or newer

Program Information:
Interface Language: English
Treatment: Present
File size: 72.01 MB